Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Baaa-ack!

Yet again, i've taken a hiatus from the blogging world. But after spending an hour yesterday reading other blogs and stealing ideas for Molly's birthday party (not to be held until August), i'm motivated to start documenting life again! Really, truth-be-told, i just had NO time the last 2 months of school/work/PTA to sit down and type/load pictures, etc. PTA and work really about exhausted me the last 2 months! So, i'm glad that it's over for a bit. I still have a notebook to organize to pass on to next year's president, but i'm not doing that yet. Instead, i've been helping her in another way - and when you click on that link above, you'll see just what that is :-) LOVE me some boat-building!

So, you ask, what have i been up to? Well, since spring break, i have been a team mom and fulfilled those duties (although thankfully to the coach they were minimal this year), attended too many baseball games to count, been a taxi driver to practice, dance, therapy, preschool, playdates, etc., have been the "construction manager" of watching the still-not-finished pool be built and was the landscape assistant, poured 30,000 gallons of water into my backyard cement pit, embroidered far too many items to count, fed close to 500 people at a picnic, helped plan and host a retirement party for one of gwinnett's most noted principals (and might i add, spoke at this event as well - public speaking: not my love), helped host a teacher luncheon, helped host a staff luncheon, appreciated and thanked a large number of teachers, hosted a baseball party, attended a dance recital, hosted a pta meeting/luncheon in my backyard, had too many kids to count over to swim in my pond, attended 2 graduations and one end-of-year program, signed way too many pta checks, most notable: read 2 books - this is 2 more than i've finished in the past two years while serving as president, and now, see above - built a boat!

As i type, i feel i am beginning my summer . . . see picture below of what i see as i type! Have to make sure i repetitiously count 5 bobbing heads in the water!

But, my next post, i plan to share a bunch of fun photos of the past few months that were never documented! Now that summer is here, i plan to post more regularly - more like the days of past! My term as Pres is over, and although there are parts of that job that i will miss, i sure won't miss the time it will take from my family! They are #1 this summer! Hospitality will be my niche next year. I plan to shower the teachers at our school with lots of love and attention - and oh yea, don't forget the food! Definitely right up my alley!

Hope you're all enjoying your summers as well! We plan to have a blast of a summer!