Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF Well, it's a special day in our house! Happy Birthday, Jeff! What a terrific dad and husband we have in our house. Poor guy, was born 2 days after Christmas though. I guess it's not as bad as being born on Christmas day, but i always feel like he gets slighted! We are going to Pepperoni's (our favorite pizza joint) for a birthday celebration! He loves their pizza, so we're hoping he'll eat, eat, eat! Grif and Molly picked out a lovely cake at Publix (i would have baked, but we're leaving to go out of town in the morning - the kids and i are going to Florida to visit family - so no baking allowed today. Last minute errands and packing were all that we could handle. And really, who doesn't love a Publix cake?

Anyhow - Happy 34th Birthday Jeff! We love you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After . . .

As i reflect on yesterday and what a special day Christmas always is, i am thankful for all we have! We have a precious new baby that is a delight and joy to all of us. We have a family who loves us deeply! We have a warm home, friends abundant, warm meals on our table every day, and jobs that pay the bills! But most importantly, we have a love for the Lord! The gift of Jesus that brings us together each year to celebrate that special day. A gracious Father that watches over us and continues to bless us each and every day!

As i watch the magic of Christmas unfold every year, i am amazed at the joy i feel at just watching my children. They enjoy the time with family like no other children i've seen. They loved every minute of the baking and cooking preparations this year. They begged for Khaki to spend the night on Christmas Eve and delighted in the answer of, "You bet." They were excited when the entire clan came outside to watch them on the new skate ramp. And they LOVE picking out presents for each and every person. If i say so myself, they are gracious givers.

Santa brought new bikes for Griffin and Molly, and a ride-on toy for Camden. Here's what i need to tell you though. . .He also brought Molly an American Girl doll. Her first. She loves it. If you know us well, you have either said it yourself, or heard someone else say it, "Heather, she looks just like you!" My mother has friends that we've known since i was Molly's age, and when they see pictures of my kids, they are amazed. They even comment on how they feel like they are looking at a picture of me! She is me, over and over again. A little scary, yes I must say i wasn't quite so sassy as a little girl, learned that at a later time in life :-) Anyhow, yesterday, i was filled with awe to watch her with this American Girl doll. I LOVED baby dolls as a child. . . .OK, to be completely honest, I still love them. That's probably why Molly has so many of them! But, to see her yesterday, the eyes, literally dancing, as she enjoyed playing with her new doll, who actually shares her name. . . it was like looking down from above and watching a piece of myself. I remember feeling that complete joy. Gratefulness for what i've been given. As an adult, i still feel it, but in such a different way. Molly played and played, for hours with that doll. More importantly she shared it with Gabi and Jalynn (Uncle B's girlfriend's daughters - that's hard to follow isn't it). But you know, to share something so special and so new, speaks miles to how sweet she really is.
I'll post a few pictures so you have a peek into our day. We had a great time with family and friends and as usual, i cried at the end of the day. I always cry . . . you all know that . . . but to see pure joy in my children's faces, brings complete happiness to my being! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. I hope you felt a twinge of the happiness i felt yesterday. I hope that as we go through the coming year, we can look at the pictures of yesterday and remember the warm fuzzy feeling and utter contentment we felt. I hope that we will not take the little things for granted!
Merry Christmas!

Camden with his loot!

Griffin opening his present from Mom and Dad.

Molly and Molly . . . the American Girl Doll.
(Notice that the hair is already ratty. This will cause me so much stress! I wanted the braids to stay in for several weeks! Ugh. Just one of my pet peeves. Babies and Barbies with messy hair!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry (almost) Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and the excitement in our house is abundant!! We still have lots to do in the next 20 hours, but we'll get it done! I had to share a little from our morning - yes, it's been eventful - and it's only 9:47!
We have an Elf in our house! He visits every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this year, he came as a REAL being, thanks to Mimi (grandma). Every night he moves from place to place and quickly soars to the North Pole to report to Santa on the children's behavior! Every now and then, he brings a goodie back for the children and last night was no exception. He always leaves a note somewhere around the house . . .but check out where it was this morning!!!
And check out what he left . . . A movie for Griffin and Molly, and Elmo movie for Camden, and a bucket of popcorn!!

After all the Elfin excitement, it was time to shower and go grab the last couple of gifts we need! (Just shopping for Daddy's stocking)! But after getting out of the tub, we noticed this on Camden . . .
As if baby feet aren't cute enough! But when they are pruned from being in the tub so long and halfway blue from getting out of the tub and rolling around naked for a while, it's too much to not photograph and share with others!

Now - Check out the onesie that he's wearing today!!! This is the best. Found it on sale this week at Old Navy!

Look close at the penguin on the far right . . . in a word bubble it says, "wurd!" HA! Better run . . . we're off to shop!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer!

Well, we just finished baking chocolate cherry chunk brownies and while they were in the oven, i told Griffin and Molly we could see if there was a Christmas show on tv. Well, Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer was on Cartoon Network (which may i mention is not my favorite channel). So, i reluctantly turned it on. Here's what i learned in the first 2 minutes we were watching . . . . The family dog is named Doofus - yes Doofus. But, it gets better . . . The little boy in the show is named Jack Spankenheimer. Imagine the laughter when they heard that. So, i've decided it's time for bed, we won't be watching the ending of this one! Gotta love TV!!! At least they got a good laugh before bed. Nothing like going to bed with a giggle!

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

Well, Molly ceases to amaze me with her ability to entertain friends and have a good time. I love to watch her play and socialize with friends. Today she invited a friend from school over to play - their first official playdate together. Well, once again . . . two peas in a pod. Either that, or Molly is just plain bossy and all these little girls that come over just do as she says, because they always seem to keep busy when they are here!!

Well, this time around the playdate started around 11:00. Beyond going to the staircase and checking on them once, i didn't hear from them until i went to get them for lunch at 12:30. They came downstairs to eat and were so funny to listen to - chatting about this and that, then the fun continued at the bar in the kitchen. Now, Molly can do some damage with a piece of paper, some scissors and crayons and markers. But, these two were hilarious. Making puzzles, needing boxes to store them in, and hurrying so they would still have time for a "party" before the playdate ended!

But, here they are, at the bar, with all the creativity flowing! THIS is the epitome of Molly and what she enjoys doing. She is a creator!! Likes to make and do. As i type this she is trying her darndest to talk her friend into going upstairs to have a party before the date ends!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Playdate today

Playdate Monday! The kids spent the morning with Khaki (i.e.: grandma) decorating a gingerbread Christmas tree, then came home for 45 minutes and headed out again with their friends from church and school - Coleman and Carolyn - who are siblings. Here's a picture of the four of them playing Monopoly, Jr at their house. They had a blast and i was able to get a little bit done and toot around figuring out this blog thing! I love playdates with kids we love! They are both exhausted tonight and ready for a good night's sleep!

From the past . . .

This is especially for Sue, because i promised and promised to send halloween pictures of the costumes i created and it never happened. This is also partly just to practice creating a post??? This is so new to me and i suppose will take some getting used to. We'll see how this turns out. Jeff is downstairs working the embroidery machine and his t-mobile job all at once, so my computer guru is not here to help me navigate this stuff. We'll see what happens.

Anyhow, Molly wanted to badly to be Fancy Nancy. If you dont' know her, you must not have little girls, because she is the most fun character i've ever seen. If i were a little girl, i would want everything to be "fancy Nancy." She is creative and cute and sassy and fun all at once. She loves this to be fancy --- how much like Molly is that?

Griffin was at a loss and wanted to be something different just about every day of the month. So, we finally settled on Indiana Jones. They were supposed to be book characters so they could dress up at school, so here is what we settled on . . .

December 22, 2008

Well, I'm starting early on my New Year's Resolution! I never keep track of the fun the McCreary family is having, so this will be my feeble attempt. I have added the BEST family picture at the bottom of the page, and when i say best, i mean it. Have you ever tried to get 5 people to smile or look at the camera at the same time? And more importantly, 3 of those five people are 8 years old or younger? It doesn't work, end of discussion. So, of the pictures, i chose the funniest to post here, so you can see the truth behind the REAL pictures when they finally get posted here. So, to those of you far away, i am hoping that this will give you a way to watch our family change and see what we've been up to. As a mom of 3 kids, a wife of a busy husband, the owner of an embroidery business (based in my home, thank goodness), the assistant director of a preschool of 220 kids, and the PTA president at a school of 1200 kids, i have more to do than clean my house!! That is the least of my worries. . .

So, my posts here will be about all the things that keep us busy. We love spending time together as a family, and are always on the go. My hope is that i'll take my camera wth me more often and make it a point to show you what we're up to. I'll include my growing and changing kids, my latest creations of the embroidery business, and in general, just all the fun we're having as a family!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2009!!! I think it's going to be a GREAT year!