Friday, June 3, 2011

Pierced Ears!

Summer has started with a bang. . . literally, in our house. We have talked to Molly for sometime about piercing her ears, and apparently, she decided today was the day! She had been adamantly saying no to piercing the ears. Then today, while bathing suit shopping, out of the blue, said, "I think i might want to get my ears pierced!" Me: "TODAY????" Mol: "Can I???"Off we went to the jewelry store and picked out a pair of precious pearls. And when i say "we," i mean "SHE" picked them out. First choice was a pair of minnie mouse earrings that when i discovered the price to be over $50 i banned from the choices and put a cap on the cost. So, her 2nd choice was pearls! I believe that to prove without a doubt, the girl is truly southern by blood and birth! All great southern girls must wear pearls, right?

So, here are the photos. . .

She didn't shed a single tear. I swear she is the most determined little girl i know. Strong, brave, courageous, and FUN! Love her to pieces!