Friday, January 30, 2009

Mohawk Friday!

You know you've slept really well when you wake up in the morning and your hair looks like this . . . It's been a great day! I've managed to find time to get a haircut AND we have a sitter coming tonight so Jeff and I can go see a movie!! What will i do, two grown-up activities in one day!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tuesday was Camden's 1st Birthday! He spent the morning with Khaki and the afternoon with mom and a friend, and then at 8:00, he had a little birthday cupcake to celebrate his special day!

He is truly a gift to our family. He has this bubbling, happy personality that never grumbles (at least not yet). He laughs and falls over, he's silly beyond comprehension of a 12 month old, he knows how to have a good time, and he definitely knows how to flirt already!
We learned two things about Camden on his birthday, well, really three things. He likes to watch candles burning. He is scared to death when the smoke rises up when someone blows out a candle. And he like cake just as much as the rest of the mccreary family!

On Saturday, we'll have a small family party with an Elmo theme to celebrate a little more!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I can't believe it's been a week since i've posted! For some reason, mmmm, maybe all the STUFF i do, i didn't find much time to be on the computer this week. I checked email mostly from my cell phone. But we did have a little bit of fun in the mix too!

We are still in awe of how fast Duncan is growing and how different it is to have a puppy in the house. I really believe that having a puppy is more work than having a baby! You get more sleep at night, but it really is more work, overall.

However, he brings a lot of laughter to our family too. He loved his first bath - which was actually a shower, and now gets jealous (as does Camden) when others get to hop in the tub and he doesn't!

I really don't think any of the McCreary kids - canine or human - have ever NOT liked the water! Maybe it's genetic, since their mother really could live in a swimming pool and not be unhappy, but they all love to be in the water! Okay, wait. . .the 2 years Molly had tubes in her ears, she didn't like when water would get anywhere near her head, but she still loved to swim with her head above water back then!

I've been horrible this week about the camera and pictures. I'll try harder this week! Promise. BTW - Camden's first birthday is Tuesday, and this Mama is not dealing well with her last baby turning 1!!! Who thought the first year could go THIS FAST??? He truly is, still the happiest baby i've ever known. I had to work tonight at preschool, so after, i met Jeff and the kids at a restaurant (because seriously, who can cook a meal when they are in charge of 3 kids?? - - jab, jab, Jeff), and no kidding when i say during the ENTIRE meal, Camden was turned around backwards in his high chair flirting with, and laughing with, the two teenage girls that were sitting behind us! Thankfully, they were happy participants in the flirtations. It has crossed my mind when we go to restaurants we should ask to sit next to the "good sports" that won't mind the antics of our happy little fella. He's not annoying, but if you were trying to have a quiet meal and didn't want a smiling, happy baby trying to get your attention, you wouldn't want us to sit next to you! He often just stares at people around him until they tell him how cute he is! I suppose it will serve him well later in life!

It's late and i have to work tomorrow, so closing this post. Will try better this week for more updates!

Happy Last Week of January!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Night

It's been days since i've posted. This week was PTA board meeting on Friday, and those weeks are always crazy. Exec board met before school even started, then we went to a volunteer tea that the teachers were hosting in our honor, and then straight to board meeting and passing out winter party checks to room parents. Shew. In the midst of all that i think i conferenced with the speech teacher, two volunteers, met a new secretary and filed mail three times. Oh yeah, don't forget hanging out with my kids while they were at lunch!! There are perks to my job at the school :-)

Well, Duncan, our newest family member, has made himself right at home. He is definitely still learning the ropes. . . seemingly the one he has mastered least - is that Camden is the baby in the house, not the puppy chew toy! Some days, he doesn't touch him or go near him when they are on the floor together. Today was NOT that day. I think we've pulled Duncan off of Camden at least four times. Amazing. Needless to say, Camden is being carried around now, not on the floor. It's almost bedtime though. And Duncan has already passed out at my feet . . .his favorite place. If i sit at the desk to return emails or work on the computer, he crawls up under the desk - seemingly very cave-like - and konks out - fast asleep. I'll take a picture and post later! But he truly is a wonderful dog. He loves each of us and is still so snuggly and loving. He loves his new food puzzles that make him work to get the treats out, and has pretty much mastered potty training. He will have to learn that he's not really a lap dog as he loves to crawl up in ours, but when he's weighing in a 70 pounds in a few months, that won't happen anymore!

We did finally make it back to church this week. Jeff has taken the big kids several times over the past few months, but Camden and i have not been. 11 o'clock is prime naptime and i just didn't have the heart to make him miss it. He made it through his time in the nursery and actually fell asleep in Amy's lap as she was so sweet to sit and rock him. Griffin has a flag football game this afternoon and made an awesome interception and also received the sportsmanship award for today's game. This also comes with a free pizza buffet coupon for Stevi B's. . . . mmm, mmm, good i say full of sarcasm. But we will go as he is so excited! Dad videotaped the game for me as i stayed home from the 40 degree temps with Molly and Camden.

What else to share? Oh yea - it was FREEZING this week. Literally we woke on Thursday and the temperature outside was ZERO! Here's a picture of Camden enjoying the warmth and peace of the fire. . . .

Tomorrow is a school holiday and we have nothing planned. Seeing as how you literally cannot walk through Molly's room, we will clean that. Otherwise, we'll see what the day brings! Hope you enjoy your Monday!

First Lollipop!

Camden has begun the process of learning to walk. In that process, he has started to let go of objects he is holding on to, and then just fall, several times falling straight back onto the hardwood floors and bumping his sweet little head. Many of his tumbles are just that, a little tumble that he doesn't even flinch at. However, on Friday, he took a big fall and banged his head back onto the floor. Well, he was screaming crying, almost uncontrollably. Then, good mom that i am, i noticed a lollipop sitting on my kitchen counter --- the tooth fairy had visited Molly at school on Monday and brought sugar free lollipops to the kids. Well, i pulled the wrapper off that thing just as fast as i could, and Camden thought he had won the lottery! The tears stopped immediately! Even before the first lick! Here are the pictures of the sheer enjoyment . . .
"AHHHHHHHHHH, open wide." Seemingly he hasn't mastered the art of putting the lollipop in his mouth with the flat part laying on his tongue!! HA!
"Ummmm, Whatdya call these things? This could be my first real word!!!"
"Does this part taste yummy too?"

"Really, this is fun. I've never had something quite so tasty!" "HAHAHAHAHAHA I LIKE THIS!!" Really, you can see him laughing. He was laughing out loud he was enjoying it so much!
Question for you . . . .what do you like to eat that makes you smile this much?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puppy Training

We went to the dog trainer today and wow, what an experience! She was PHENOMENAL! The kids have been really concerned about all those typical puppy things - jumping, nipping, chewing, etc. Well, Ms. Mitchell is THE BOMB! When i say awesome, i mean awesome!!!!! She obviously has a love for dogs, and not only that, a love for training them to be GOOD dogs; Well behaved dogs. We are invested in having Duncan be a well behaved dog, and she will be the one to help us get there. She worked so patiently with the kids and helped them to understand the good ways to teach Duncan good things. She advised us on tons of good "toys" for dogs and the right leash and collar, and definitely good training advice.
I'll take pictures the next couple of days and post them here, but for Molly to have hand fed the puppy - that's great!! YAHOO!
Oh yeah - if you want her name and number and live in the Atlanta area, i'm happy to share. She's been recognized as Atlanta's top trainer, by Atlanta Magazine! She lives in Flowery Branch - just up the road from us!

Tagged with a Picture Meme

I was "tagged" by my blogging friend Andrea for a Picture Meme and was told i had to go to "my computer," go to "4th folder" and then post the "4th picture" that is in that folder. I don't even know what a picture meme is, but i've done what i was told. Here it is. . . I think this is the Christmas when Molly was 15 months old - Christmas of '04. The truth comes out about how organized my pictures are. I tell you all, i don't scrapbook, i don't print them, i am HORRIBLE about pictures. I am TRYING to get better, that's why i created this blasted blog!!! This was taken in our "old" house. Our 2nd house that was still new when this picture was taken. Still had the original carpet. Can i say i loved this family room and how we decorated it for Christmas. Don't ya just want to go sit in front of the fire and relax!?!? I do!

Truth be told. . . i still don't have this year's Christmas stuff put away. Jeff having kidney stones and all, threw a loop into my schedule. And now i keep finding other things i'd rather do.

Oh yea, i'm supposed to tag 3 other people to post their 4th folder, 4th picture, but since i don't know anyone else that blogs, too bad!! So many of you say will start one, but no such luck yet!!
Start one now - Jill, Kirstin and Dawn - and then this could be your first post!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Surgery!

Would you believe that Jeff is NOT having surgery after all? We were supposed to be at the outpatient facility right now.
I had just fallen asleep last night when Jeff woke me up with a startle and told me (and showed me) that he'd finally passed the stone. In the realm of kidney stones, it is HUGE!!!
A little change in plans and Jeff is off to work instead of laying in the hospital bed! What a good thing!
Have a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Fun!

There's nothing quite like an impromptu dinner date! Our friend's across the street have a mom that had to have some tests run today and was feeling a little slow-going tonight, so they stayed with us for dinner and had some ham and cheese quiche. Everyone tried a lima bean or two, and had a whole lot of fun. WAAAY more fun than our dinner table usually is!

Here's the dinner table from left to right. . . Cheyenne, Molly, Griffin, Wyatt. . . all a little silly with full tummies. Notice all the snowflakes we made over the weekend that we haven't hung up yet!

Wild Child!

And this is what happens when you turn your back for 25 seconds to attend to the new puppy . . . the "new" baby goes buck wild!!!

Duncan . . .

Here he is -
He is definitely a Golden, wanting to be close to someone at all times and doesn't like to be left alone. So, when i tried to cook dinner last night, i was chopping chicken and this is where he ended up. . . not close, on TOP OF my feet!

Jeff's Havin' Surgery!

Well, we've made it through the weekend, and Jeff still hasn't found a kidney stone. Dare i say it's like lookin' for a needle in a haystack. Guess this is a little more obvious, but really, 4cm is tiny. We are thankful that he has been painfree, for the most part, all weekend. We went to the apparel and gift mart on Saturday and walked around ALL day and he was fine. Last night he complained that his kidneys were achy and just uncomfortable, so we are wondering if there is another stone on the move???
Anyhow, after a conversation with the doctor this afternoon, he is still scheduled for the procedure tomorrow morning. We have to be at the outpatient center at 7:15 for an 8 o'clock surgery. He'll be under general anesthesia and they'll blast that little sucker into several tiny pieces and then clean them all out! Once the anesthesia wears off, he should be just fine. No more pain. That is . . . until the next stone starts to wiggle. We know that there are at least two more in the kidneys. . . one on each side. There could be more, but only two showed up in the CT on Thursday.
So, please say a little prayer. He's going to be fine, but i always get a twinge of nervousness when anesthesia is being used. He's been under plenty of times before to know that he'll do just fine though!

As for Duncan and how we're adjusting to being a family of 3 kids, 2 fish, and 2 dogs. . . Duncan is a great puppy. He's a puppy, no doubt about that. He thinks Camden is his puppy-friend not baby! He likes to nip at him and play, and Camden isn't so fond of the nipping. Do i blame him?
Griffin and Molly love every minute of him. Still a little anxious as those puppy teeth have nipped on both of them, as well. We have a private class with a trainer on Wednesday evening to help us teach the kids a few tricks to the trade of training him! She's got all sorts of ideas up her sleeve to help us. I'll take pictures and post them here. I have a few from the weekend . . .i'll post again later!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Update about Jeff

Well, Jeff and i visited the urologist yesterday for about 2 hours. They did a CT scan and found a rather large - 4 cm - kidney stone that was on the move. Easy enough. Bad news? There's only a 60% chance he can pass it. So, Jeff has surgery scheduled for 7:15 Tuesday morning to "blast" the stone and then clean it out. That is, IF he hasn't passed it by then.
Well, the miraculous thing is this . . . he hasn't had pain medicine all day today. He was literally a little druggy all day and night. Woke this morning and the pressure was gone, the yuck feeling was gone. Now, he was worried was it b/c he was taking pain pills every 3 hours, or was it b/c the stone had moved again? We are assuming, after talking to the nurse, that the stone is sitting IN his bladder. Can it come out? We don't know. So, we'll ride it out through the weekend and reassess on Monday. They may do another CT scan and proceed with surgery. They may say no surgery. They may do a CT and not need surgery . . . the options could go on and on. We do know that there are at least 2 MORE stones still in the kidneys. There's nothing they can do about those, just wait like a time bomb for this to start all over again! FUN FUN!
I'll update on Monday and let you know how our weekend has gone!
I hope you enjoy yours!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kidney Stones!

Well, poor Jeff is laid up in bed, full of drugs and feeling crappy. If you don't already know, Jeff has a history of suffering a LOT from kidney stones. Now, i'll tell you, to watch this pain, i sometimes think that it really must feel similar to childbirth. However, i sometimes don't feel sorry for him either! You know, to get to take lortab, percocet, and phenergan all at the same time ALL WHILE LYING IN BED . . . i just don't know. . . a day with kidney stones might not be so bad :-)

So, here we are. . . today's the day. He's felt this one "brewin" for a long time. He's had them so many times, that he knows when they are on the move in his kidneys. Just a little rumble from them and he's needing some pain meds quick. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, he called on his way to work and said he thought he felt it. However, he had his lortab in his bag and said he'd take it and come home if it got any worse. No problem, the pain went away. Then he told me after i returned home from Florida, that he had "the pain" again the day i left. Well, today's the day. He's been suffering all week long and now it's finally here. The party! He's drugged and in bed. Amazing that we're not actually in the emergency room. This will be the first one he's managed at home. Keep your fingers crossed that he continues to "manage" it. He does have to go to the urologist at 3:15, so we'll be leaving soon for that. Guess he shouldn't drive himself. . . little druggie that he is right now.
So say a little prayer for Jeff that this will all "PASS" quickly, no pun intended!! HA!
Tomorrow is my day for percocet, lortab and a day to lie in bed!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, after many years of Jeff wanting a big dog and many months of Griffin and Molly thinking it would be great to have a new puppy, we now have a new family member . . .

Announcing the arrival of Duncan Skittles McCreary!

He is a 7 week old Golden Retriever. We drove to South Carolina on Tuesday night (no worries, we only had to go to the first exit over the border) to bring him home to join our family! He is an absolute delight - but i hope by writing this tonight, it will remind me in a few months (when he has eaten half the shoes in our house) that i did once feel utter delight towards him. He has the best puppy breath and the cutest face. He was very shy and quiet in his new home last night, but has adjusted well today. While Grif and Molly were at school, he was able to explore a little more and get to know Casper a little better. He loves to play, but still quickly passes out after about 30 minutes awake! The kids don't like his puppy teeth and puppy nails, but i think they will adjust quickly too.

Wow, It's Wednesday!

I can't believe Wednesday is already here! What happens to the days when the kids are in school?
I'm adding a link to an auction we have on ebay. I bought a ring at the apparel and gift market in the fall, and thought i could have it sized. Well, no such luck. It fit my pinkie and i wanted to wear it as a band with my wedding ring. It needed to go up a little over one full ring size. SO, we're selling it. If you know anyone interested, please send them here . . .
Item #: 130279334310
It is a great deal, and it's never been worn!

As for the rest of our week. . . we have quite some exciting news, but i have to wait for the kids to get home from school before i post that news here! Check back later or tomorrow for pictures!
Camden's naptime just ended. . . when you have hair like this. . . it MUST HAVE been a GOOD nap!

The camera really didn't do it justice, now that i see it posted here. . . it's too white to take a good picture! It was Albert Einstein Crazy!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Book Entry!

Seems like i'm writing my book every day . . .
I'm eating an orange with my dinner tonight, and Griffin LOVES oranges, so he say, "Mom, are you going to finish all that or do you need help?"
In other words, (i had already shared about 4 slices with him) he'd like to know if he can have more! Why didn't he just come out and say it?

We un-decorated today. Is there any day as dreadful and dreary as the day you take down all the Christmas decorations? No trees left, no pretty ornaments, a bare mantel, no cutesie tutesies all over the walls signifying the most wonderful time of the year! My front porch is still decorated. . . much to my neighbor's dislike I'm sure. But i just love the front porch greenery, bows, and lights, so i'm not going to take it down yet! It has nothing to do with the fact that it's been raining here off and on for 3 days! HA!

Happy New Year, to my yucky, blucky, plain house!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Add This to the Book!

I always say i'm going to write a book! Between my teaching years, my assistant director years at the preschool, and my years as a mom, i have so many quotes and stories, i truly could compile them and write a book that I'm sure could be a topseller . . .
Well, here's one entry for the book, enjoy the story . . .

While in Florida, Griffin was watching a lively episode of "Jeopardy" with my Uncle. (Yes, there are people out there that actually still watch this game show.) Well, at the end of the show, the winning fella won some enormous amount of money - something like $33K. Well, Griffin being curious asked, "Mom, what would you do if you won that much money?"

My response, "Well, I guess i'd put half of it in savings . . .(then after a second or two of thought). . . well, okay, probably not that much, because honestly, Uncle Sam would take half of it before i ever got home with it."

Griffin's response to my money plan, "Well, if i won that kind of money, I SURE wouldn't drive by Uncle Sam's house on the way home!!!!!"

Movie Day

We decided while we were in Florida that because the kids were so good while we were there, that we'd hire Morgan (our favorite babysitter) to keep Camden and go see Marley and Me today. Well, late yesterday, Griffin got an invite from his best buddy - Zachary - to go see it with his family. So, we invited our whole family, and we all went together. What a great movie, but don't leave home without a box of tissues. For those of you old enough to remember, let's just say, "Old Yeller." It definitely made us realize that we'd love to have a big dog that would wait at the mailbox for our kids to get off the school bus every afternoon, but we don't have a fence yet, so i guess that's not going to happen anytime soon. It was definitely good. Jeff and i are wondering how come it wasn't PG-13 as it had some moments in it that Griffin should not have seen, but still a warm-fuzzy, yet sad movie.

So, here's a quick pic of the kids all together at the theater. They all loved it, ate enough popcorn to make their tummies hurt, and are ready for round 2 of movies . . .next on the agenda . . . Bedtime Stories, The Tale of Despereaux, and some dog movie that starts in a couple of weeks.

We spent yesterday at the World of Coca-Cola, then went to Ikea for a little while, and then to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner. The pictures weren't great, but here's one of the kids as we went in to see the 4-D movie at Coke . . . Molly HATED it, Griffin loved it. Story of our lives! We are done doing . . . a busy couple of days. We'll spend the weekend getting ready for back-to-school --- Un-decorating, shopping for groceries, and getting bookbags ready to go, among many other things, i'm sure.


Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

We've been in Florida and out of the loop, then spent the day at the World of Coke yesterday. Headed to the movies now. . . .more to come soon!