Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say Cheese!

We finally had new pictures of the kids taken tonight! Check out Studio Holly B to get a sneak preview! As soon as they are all edited and retouched, i'll share a few more! Holly is gifted and my kids loved her! And, I'm glad to know my house will be getting new decor . . . of my precious babies . . . this summer!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Problem of the Day - SOLVED!

My laptop charger has a short in the cord. I need a new charger. . . but really can't see paying $100+!!! What a pain! We have so many old computers and chargers . . . testing them all and . . . apparently a Gateway charger fits a Toshiba computer!!! AMAZING! YAY! That's a 100 bucks we just saved!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's a New Gal In Town!

Molly has a dear friend that recently donated her hair to Locks of Love. Molly loved her fresh new-do so much, that she couldn't wait until summer to get herself a fresh new hairdo. I love Molly's hair long, but quite honestly, it was too long. So, chop it off! She cut at least 5 inches today. . . smiling the WHOLE time! She was so excited! We'll see how it holds up these next few weeks. For the first time EVER it is all one length instead of many layers, AND it's shorter than it's been in a long time! But, what's important is that she loves it! See for yourself:
Here's the during . . .check out the length. Too bad it curls so much, it hardly looked this long when dry!

Don't be fooled, this straight hair is fresh from the salon with lots of tugging with a paddle brush! It won't last long. If you go back to the face close-up, you can see as we were leaving the salon, there were already curls forming around her face! With it this short, i even saw some ringlets (Which i haven't seen in YEARS) after her bath tonight!