Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What are you Giving Up for Lent?

I just had a discussion today with Andrea about giving up something for Lent, and then tonight i ran across this blog post from a dear friend from our "first church" in Duluth. Kerri and Jeff were both associate pastors at the Presbyterian church we attended after Jeff and I first got married, up until the time Molly joined our family and really, getting out the door on Sunday morning in time to drive 45 minutes to get to church on time . . . HA, who were we kidding?! Anyhow - Kerri and Jeff have moved on to Ohio now and are co-pastoring a church there (oh, how we wish we could live in Ohio); I check on them periodically through the blogs they keep. I wanted to share Kerri's ideas- what i found on her website tonight . . . they really hit home with me. . . . From Kerri Peterson-Davis. . . .

Whatcha Giving up for Lent?”



I’m afraid we might be missing the point. Ash Wednesday is approaching and the conversations have begun again. Too often they begin with this question: whatcha giving up for Lent? This might be just me but I tire of the underlying, none-to-subtle “competition” that comes with the question. It very well could be that I’m simply feeling guilty about the reality that I’m notoriously bad at “giving something up.” I understand the connection to Jesus’ wandering in the wilderness for 40 days and the temptations he faced but let’s face it, we aren’t Jesus! One of my favorite responses to the question of what you are giving up for Lent? Lent.

Over the years, I’ve encouraged folks to take something on - some practice that will draw them towards God. Regina Brett, a columnist in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote a wonderful essay yesterday about the practice of giving something up or taking something on for Lent. Some folks on Facebook are giving up Facebook for Lent.

I think the question that needs to be asked is how is this act, whether it be giving up or taking on, drawing you closer to God? Giving up chocolate and then whining about it with every person you meet is not drawing you closer to God! Taking on exercise so you can lose 10 lbs. is not drawing you closer to God. If, if, giving up chocolate causes you to reflect on who you are and how God is shaping you as a disciple then do it. If, as you go for your walk, you ponder the Mystery that is, then do it. If steering clear of Facebook leads you instead to sit quietly in the Presence, do it.

It’s about devotion, I think. No, not the “I’m going to do my devotions now.” Rather, how will you devote yourself to the One who has created you and called you and sends you into this crazy, messed up world we live in? Maybe simply pondering and praying over that question would be enough to take on this Lent.

What a Week!

Is it really only Wednesday night? This week is baseball uniform week and although it's GREAT because we have lots of business, it's also a tiring one. On top of that, preschool work yesterday, and i'm going to go in again tomorrow since my "partner in crime" i.e. job-share buddy, has a sick child! BUT, uniforms are almost done. I have several things to embroider for friends. Just put together some estimates on t-shirts, have also finalized the spreadsheet of items for the swimteam we do spiritwear for, AND spent an ENTIRE day on Monday (minus a few minutes here and there to entertain Camden) washing and folding laundry.

This week is also the "silent teacher auction" at the kids' school. I will be there tomorrow after i work to tally bids and select the winners. All easy work, just takes time! Thankfully, no plans for Friday, except to have the kids' pictures taken at 4:30. OH WAIT . . . That means i have to find outfits for everyone to wear! That will be my project tomorrow night!

No pictures to update here. I'll try to find something good to photograph. I've had a couple people ask for an update on Duncan! He's HUGE! There's my update! I can't believe how big he is getting. He has been going (WE have been going) to training classes every Wednesday night for 3 weeks. Tonight, no class, the instructor is taking a cruise, so we resume and hopefully "graduate" next week. The kids have to be able to make Duncan "twirl, spin, sit, down, and roll over" in order for us to actually graduate. Twirl - means spin to the right; Spin - to the left; sit - well, if you can't figure that out, i'm not even talking to you; Down - lay down, and ROLL OVER!! Yes, he really can do all these things!! It's quite fun. NOW, our biggest challenge that we need help overcoming is how to teach Duncan not to jump up on the high chair and STEAL food from Camden???? Any suggestions? Poor kid is tiny enough, he doesn't need any dog to help him eat his food.

Hope everyone out there in cyber world is doing great! Photos of something exciting i hope to come soon! Griffin starts baseball next week, Molly starts soccer a week from Saturday - there's bound to be some good video footage coming too!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Molly's First Soccer Practice, EVER!!

Last night was Molly's first soccer practice!! There's a long story here. . . . She's always been a gymnastics girl, and we tried CHEERnastics in the fall. Well, it bombed. She hated it. We switched to tumbling, and still. . . she hated it. So, me being the good mom that i am, told her she HAD to finish out the session and then we could register next session for regular gym again. I told her if she didn't finish out the tumbling session, there would be no more gymnastics this year! Well, bite my butt . . . of course, the hard-headed child she is, she chose to skip the last two classes and forego ALL gymnastics for the rest of this year! Please remind me next time, to not threaten to take away something i think is really beneficial to her!

Well, this is how we resolved to play soccer. Molly needs to have an afterschool activity to participate in. She really wasn't keen on the idea of softball (probably because that would have been too easy to have all been at the SAME ball park all day on Saturdays instead of running around all of Gwinnett County trying to get from game to game). So, instead of following in Griffin's footsteps and playing teeball, she agreed to soccer.

Last night we headed to Rabbit Hill park in Dacula and although a little timid at the onset, within minutes, she was all smiles running around on the field. I really think she liked it! Much to our surprise!! And, keeping to my new year's resolution . . . i actually took my camera and snapped some pictures so we will be able to remember this day! Here she is . . .

GO MOLLY!!!! SHOOTING HER FIRST GOAL EVER!! (but you should know that in this league, the U5 group plays 3 on the field each half, no goalie, no referees!) ALL FUN!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Molly came home from school today with the idea that she needed to sell something. She wanted to sell lemonade . . . none in the house, since it's February. She wanted to sell hot chocolate. . . nothing to keep it warm. So, she decided to sell posters. She handmade 3 posters and DEMANDED that someone take her outside and "set up shop" for her. So, Jeff was kind enough to oblige!

3 posters in hand and off she went. The lovely lady across the street was her first customer and truly made her day! And would you believe that Molly was selling posters for $1 each!?!? Well, as soon as Griffin heard that they were selling, he was her first employee!! Off he went to the sidewalk to join the sale! Along came the husband from across the street and he was customer #2! Another dollar added to the stack of money. Drive-home customer #3 . . . Ms. Mary stopped and bought poster #3. They had to make MORE posters!!!! Who would have thought?

Well, it was nearing 6 o'clock, and Molly was not a happy camper, to say the least, when we told her she had to come in. After a good 5 minutes of screaming in her room, she came down to hear the reasoning behind the day's sales coming to a close. It's getting cold, it's 6pm, and it's time for dinner and a quick clean-up. But, she understands now and knows she can have a sale another day. Do you think we can possibly talk MORE people into buying posters?

Here they are. . . hard a work. . . notice that Molly is the "shop owner" and Griffin is the employee, hard at work creating more items to sell.

New Totebag!

If you're looking for a cute summer tote bag . . .here's one for you. I just did these for a bride to give as her gifts to her bridesmaids! They are perfect for summer. . . a cute tote to carry, precious for your beach towel and water bottle, great for a weekend trip!
I can even do a pair of flip-flops to match!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Know You're Old When . . .

We went to the mall tonight to try to find a new pair of shoes for Griffin - which we didn't find. In the midst of trying to recover from the disappointment, we were sitting talking. While sitting on a "round about bench" (if you've been to the mall of GA you've see these outside of Belk), Jeff had apparently already noticed the teenagers sitting across from us. Just before we were about to stand up I looked over to see a boy and girl . . . i swear they couldn't have been 16 years old, and they were TOTALLY making out! Literally, the boy was licking the neck of the girl. Is that even considered making out? All Over Each Other! PDA!!! Worse than PDA. Groping.

Needless to say, i didn't want my 5 and 8 year old watching that. So, as soon as i turned around and could see it, i lost all my cool. Jeff was just waiting to see what i would do. That's why he hadn't said anything. He thought i would make it a point to our children about how this behavior was inappropriate. WRONG!!! I made it apparent to anyone between us and them. They were probably 15 feet away from us. Really, i'm not one to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but this was truly ridiculous. So, i looked straight at them and well, i wouldn't say shouted, but very loudly said, "GO HOME!" You could tell by the kissing that they heard it. Then were trying to decide whether it was directed towards them. When they finally pulled away from each other, they were amazed to see our entire family of 5 staring right at them. I asked them if they'd like me to call their mama's and tell their mama's what they were up to, and they were hesitant to even make eye contact with me. Good. My point was made clear. I then clearly stated that their behavior was inappropriate, especially for a mall, and then i decided i had said enough. My point was made. They walked away.

Now, here's my instructions to each of you, my friends. . . if you are to EVER see my children, any of the 3, participating in such antics, I hereby direct you to publicly humiliate them. Or better yet, call me and tell me of their antics, so that i can meet you wherever you are watching them, and let ME do the public humiliation.

I will say, i am quite amused by myself. A few years ago, i would have been appalled, but not said a word. Now that i'm in my 30's, no way. Can you imagine how scary i'll be by the time i reach 40? The entire conversation on our drive home from the mall consisted of how we expected better behavior from our children. I questioned them as to how they thought Ms. Renee would react if she "caught" one of them behaving in such a way at the mall. I asked them what they thought Mrs. Braun would do . . . that was HILARIOUS!!! Griffin thought that Mrs. Braun's reaction would be worse than even my reaction! How funny!! I love you, Mrs. Braun!! I love tough moms!!! You have definitely earned my kids' respect! Go girl! Now, i won't say who, but one mother was mentioned that she would just walk by and not say a word. . . . who could that be??? Needless to say, my kids won't be hanging out at that house very much when they are teenagers :-)

Anyhow, i suppose you know you're old when you finally are grossed out by disgusting PDA. Jeff says it's not that i'm old, it's just that i'm a respectful person that likes to behave in a tasteful manner. We all know he's just jealous that he doesn't get PDA like that!!! I do love you, honey.
And by the way . . . if i had been smart enough to take a picture with my cell phone of the PDA giants, i would have posted it here!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Eating Cake

Jeff just shared a bite of cake with Camden, and this is what we saw . . . so, of course, we encouraged him to do it again, over and over, so that we could video it and share it with you!

And Griffin's 1/2 Birthday!

My sweet Griffin is a summer birthday boy. For those of you that have never had to endure this, it really is a sucky time to celebrate your birthday. No friends to be found, no treats at school, and well, if people aren't on vacation the day you want to have your party, they are probably out shopping for the new school year.

Tuesday was Griffin's official half birthday - February 3rd. So, when his birthday came and went so quietly this summer i made him a promise that i would talk to his teacher this year and we would celebrate his HALF birthday with friends at school. He's never been able to celebrate at school before and well, we all know, that kids LOVE to take birthday treats to share with their class.

Griffin's choice was a cookie cake. The lame mother that i am, i forgot to take a picture of the cake BEFORE we cut it. It really was awesome, thanks to Publix. A huge half-sheet cookie cake, with an enormous baseball in the middle and the CURSIVE (this is big because they are learning cursive in school right now) lettering, "Happy Birthday, Griffin!" He loved the cake. And so did everyone he shared it with . . . his entire class, the special ed class that his class buddies with, the PE teacher, his own teacher (2 pieces may i point out, because he really loves her) and 2 anonymous other 2nd grade teachers that he just likes and i guess wanted to brown nose!! Would you believe that we only returned home with one, 2inch square of cookie cake! What a relief for it all to be gone! I love my Griffin. He is the most caring and generous child around! He LOVES to share things that are special to him.

Anyhow, here he is eating HIS piece of the cake (needless to say, as generous as he is, he kept the piece with the MOST icing for himself). Happy Half Birthday, Buddy! I love you!

Camden's Birthday Party!

Camden's birthday was January 27, so last weekend was our time to celebrate. It was a small celebration to say the least. Finally arriving at the 3rd child, i have realized how ridiculous it is to give huge birthday parties that a child won't even remember. And truly, a month after Christmas, the tiny little boy did not need more gifts. So, a little cake and ice cream and a total of 3 gifts to open, not even one from his parents, our shindig was short and sweet.
Here are the pictures . . .

Of course, a sesame street theme. . .
Of course, he LOVED the sugary taste. . .
He was much cleaner at the finish line than we expected him to be. But definitely a happy birthday boy. . .
Of course, he had all the help he needed when it was time to open his gifts. . .

We had a great afternoon. But really, i'm still trying to absorb the fact that my last baby is really 1 already! How did that year get past us so fast?