Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Keep reading below - but be sure to read the headers. I've just spent well over an hour trying to catch up on 6 months of blogging. I had barely posted all the fun we've had and how busy we've stayed, so i wanted to make sure i updated, albeit very briefly! Month by month from January on. You might even want to scroll down, start with January and work your way back up so you are "in order."
We've got 3 weeks of summer vacation left and it is going by far too quickly for my liking! We had a staycation this week and it was so great to get all our bedrooms cleaned out and organized (including closets) and also take two fantastic day-trips!
It is unbelievable to me how quickly my days with my "little" kids are passing! They are growing up way too fast for me to really like! We've had sleepovers and trips to the lake with friends, many days of swimming, and lots of playdates this summer. But most of all, we've just enjoyed being together --- that is if you forget all the sibling bickering that goes on constantly! THAT i won't miss when school is back in session!
Anyhow, enjoy "catching up" with us. Blessings to each of you taking time to read this!

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  1. Love the updaates...I was going to give you a hard time a couple weeks ago about the missed blogs...but resisted. I miss the updates to feel connected to our cousins :) Can't wait to visit the pool and LOVE the rib picture of C.