Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A,B,C,D,E,F,G. . .I AM THANKFUL for all of these:
A...America and all the service men that spend holidays and countless days away from their families so that i can spend holidays with my family.
B...Beaches, these are my therapy.  Salt, sun, and sand can heal anything!
C...Camden, truly the icing on my cake!
D...Dinners around my kitchen table
E...Embroidery, the craft i learned on my own and truly a southern delicacy.
F...Faith, Family, & Friends
G...Griffin, he's so me it's not even funny.  My humor, my sarcasm, my wit, and a huge chunk of my heart walking and talking every day!
H...Home, Happiness, and Health
I...Ice, because seriously, what's a diet coke without it?
J...Jeff, Best. Husband.  Ever.  'Nuff said.
K...Khaki, Papa, Mimi - Best grandparents God created.
L...my Laptop computer
M...Molly, the daughter i prayed and prayed for and a mini-me if ever there was one.
N...Nana, she's 95 and my kids know her and adore her!  She's amazing!
O...Outside, our family loves being outdoors, but mostly when it's fall temperatures!
P...Parenting, though i'm not always great at it, i do love it.  Best. Gift. Ever.
Q...Quality time with friends and family
R...Restaurants, for those days that i just can't put a meal on the table.
S...Showers, really i can't imagine starting any day without one.  Some people need coffee, i need my shower.
T...Talents, God has blessed me with many.  I hope I'm using them as He would want.
U...Umbrellas and rain boots
V...Voices, i love to talk (not shocked are you?) and i love the gift of conversation.
W...Wendley, our sponsored child in Haiti that reminds me every time i think of him to take none of this for granted.
X...Xrays, our family has had many
Y...YOU!  If you're reading this, you must be my friend - cyber or personal!
Z...Zany friends that make me laugh.


  1. LOVE this!!! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!!

    1. And Happy Thanksgiving from Zumab Girl too!!
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    1. I think the kids might be just too little for penis enlargement pills hahaha
      ...they might be in the perfect age to become Vegan friendly though :)
      Regards from Animal Charity

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  8. I just happened on to your site and you sound so much like me. The letter "A" is similiar to a post I just made on my blog www.normalamericanfamily.blogspot.com. I've enjoyed reading your other blogs!!

    1. I like your blog too. but it seems like you need to Get in Shape with your coding skills as your blog lacks basic protection against hackers.

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