Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Star Pictures!

Griffin has played his heart out these last two years of baseball! He has debated choosing another sport to play, but just can't seem to bear the thought of missing a season of baseball. Last year, when selected to play allstars we were so hopeful and excited. Our bubble was busted when it turned out to be a less-than-fair and less-than-fun experience. When Griffin was nominated this year, we honestly had to talk him into accepting the nomination and playing again. We promised that the experience (and coaching) would be different, and thankfully, it was MUCH different. Coach Jay was absolutely the best for Griffin, as well as the other 3 coaches. It was nice for Jeff to get to watch games, instead of coach games! And although we spent our life savings paying the babysitter so we wouldn't have to chase Camden around the ballfield, it was worth every penny to be able to enjoy Griffin in his prime!

I have more pictures, but here's just two to show you the boy enjoying every minute. He is a catcher, just like his dad and granddads, and enjoys it to the fullest! Because of the heatwave in Atlanta, he and the other catcher rotated out every inning and it made Griffin mad that he wasn't allowed to play EVERY inning! I truly believe he could have/would have done it, despite the heat, but it just wasn't a good choice for an 8 year old. Look at all the gear (don't miss the helmet that's been thrown to the ground to make the catch) . . .can you imagine all that, plus the regular uniform when it is 97 degrees and humidity of about 80% everyday??? How he does it, i'll never know, because on any given day he will complain about just playing outside when it is hot! I suppose it's the LOVE FOR THE GAME!

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