Friday, July 17, 2009


Griffin and Jeff are delivering the dogs to doggie day camp and they have a conversation about the beach - skim boards, boogie boards, etc. Here's a little of the conversation:

G: "Hey Dad, do you think you can still do the skim board?"
J: "Maybe."
G: "Mmmm, I wonder if the old man still has his tricks?"

HA HA HA! Where does the boy get these things? Nothing quite like going bald AND having your kid call you "old man."
We love you, Jeffrey!! Good luck on the skim board. I know you can still do it. . . just watch out for the knee, the gout, and for goodness sake, please don't knock a kidney stone loose!

For you frequent readers . . . if he does do it, i'll be sure to post a picture or maybe even a video link here!


  1. Good luck wishes and we love you! May the Force Be With You.

  2. Waiting to see pictures of Jeff on the skim board!