Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Made My Day!!!

I have had a really crappy day! A good day at work, but for whatever reason, maybe even multiple reasons and stress, i am foul-mood-Fred today! I am grumpy and not a happy camper. Well. . . wash my worries away! I just picked the bigs up from school and Griffin was eager for me to read his "reflections entry." FYI - Reflections is a national literary competition sponsored by PTA. Every school is encouraged to have students participate with literature entries, composition, art, music, etc, etc. Well, Griffin's class had a substitute teacher yesterday and one of their assignments was to write something for the Reflections 2009 theme. This year's theme is: BEAUTY IS . . .
Here is what Griffin wrote (and because i love him despite his lack of spelling ability, i am going to include HIS spelling of words, not mine):
"BUDDEY (Beauty) IS. . . .
If you are looking for something buddiful, look at my mom. She is buddey at any time. She is buddey when she talks and when she sleeps. She is so cute. If you see her you will fall in love with her. That's how my dad fell in love with her. If you wanted to get her, two bad so sad. She has one. She prble (probably) is to hot for you. Get your oney (own)!"
HOW LOVELY IS THIS??? I can't quit smiling now! I know you all wish you were as BEAUTIFUL as ME!!!


  1. You are definitely HOT! Love boys who love their mamas! :D

  2. Wow...you will have to keep that forever. You are beautiful!

  3. Boy, that little guy has summed you up perfect. :) I can only wipe away the tears now and try to work. What precious words that will stay on your heart forever. Love you all, Dee Dee

  4. omg...that's sooooo sweet!! glad you shared!