Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Thankfully, the rain is gone for now. If you haven't been watching the news, you wouldn't know, but Atlanta has been under water for several days now! Gwinnett County (and several surrounding counties) schools were cancelled Monday and Tuesday. The bus yards were flooded and buses were overturned. Roads were impassable due to flooding. The southern part of our county was much harder hit. Here, in "Hog Mountain" we were just really soaked for several days!
If you haven't caught us on the news, here are a few pictures to put it in perspective. . .

A house around Atlanta somewhere. . .

This is one of the Six Flags roller coasters. . . Six Flags made a statement today saying they hope to re-open on this weekend. Anybody interested in riding this? No thanks!

If you're interested in more photos of the area, go to or They both have unbelievable photos of the areas surrounding us! It is so sad to watch on the news. Families have lost everything. These homes were no where near sources of water, most of them, so few people had a need for flood insurance. Total loss.

Thanks to Kroger for offering the "rounding up" for victims campaing. They are allowing shoppers to "round up" their grocery bill and donating the proceeds to the families that have been affected.

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