Monday, February 1, 2010

So i hear the question often, lately . . . I know, i know, no posts, no updates! I'm not sure what happened during the months of December and January, but life kept me away from the blogging world. Disney pictures STILL aren't on here; no Christmas, no Jeff's birthday, no New Year's Eve at the cabin. Where's all our fun??? I'm supposed to be doing this, since i don't keep up with scrapbooking. And now, even this isn't happening! I'm trying to get back to it. I'm still planning to put the past two months, in pictures, up on this thing. BUT, in the meantime, here's what's happened most recently.

Wednesday was C's birthday! SECOND birthday, might i add. And although some say it is the "terrible twos," this is an age i L-O-V-E! Instead of being a baby (which i do love that time, just no the sleep deprivation), now my Little C is a little human being, with thoughts of his own, things he prefers, and, don't forget, DOESN'T prefer. A mind that does the thinking on it's own. I do love the "terrible twos," but i'd rather think of them as the "terrific twos."

Anyhow, my poor little guy was sick on Wednesday for his big day, but it really didn't matter. Jeff was out of town, i had one of the busiest days of the year at work, and by golly, it was just a crazy, not-so-fun week. So, we've delayed the celebration (or truth be told, i just haven't planned it yet, so we're saying it's "delayed"). And another good thing about being 2, he has NO idea that we haven't had a "party" yet and he doesn't care!

Today was C's day to celebrate at school, so i made him cookies to share with his friends and this very special shirt, that i'm pretty sure, he'll wear more often, than not:

Don't you want one for yourself?

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