Friday, February 19, 2010

Bagging School?

Dear Kroger Bag Boy,
Although i am very grateful for your services when you actually come to my checkout lane, today i am very disappointed in your service. You clearly see that i have a barely 2 year old, happily (and this is big if he's still happy in the checkout lane) strapped into my buggy. WHY OH WHY do you feel it necessary to put ALL my groceries into a different cart? So naive me, i think you will escort me to my car and be a gentleman since i now have TWO buggies - one for kid and one for groceries. But, damn if you just turn around and don't say a word; don't even offer to take the groceries out. So i proceed to move my 2 year old to the packed buggy while you remain with your back to me. A very polite, lovely 50-something man obviously notices, and offers to push the now-empty-buggy to the cart area. I have a two year old who doesn't want to get into the full buggy because he was content in the OTHER buggy!
Now, skip ahead 2 minutes, and as i load my groceries - BY MYSELF MIND YOU - into the back of my car. . . i notice that you have been so kind as to put 5 boxes of macaroni and cheese in the bag ON TOP OF my bread. Then i notice that you have been even sweeter and put TWO cantaloupes in the bag with my green grapes!!!
Seriously, it doesn't take a genius bag boy! So, i will happily pay $100 for you to attend bag-boy school if they offer it, or better yet, next time, DON'T TRY TO HELP ME! Thanks but no thanks for your services today!

One Angry Shopper!