Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our NEW backyard!

Summer time can't get here soon enough in the McCreary household! After much debate and lots of number crunching, here's what's going on OUTSIDE our house!
Back yard at 9am today!
Then, Jeff and i spent an hour or so with our friend, Pete and a can of spray paint. And shortly after that - the backhoe getting started:
C is the official construction supervisor! He didn't even nap today (not that these days that's a surprise), so he wouldn't miss a minute of the fun!
After school snack time - while supervising:
Grif was the chosen one and was allowed IN the backhoe and he was taught how to operate it! He took his job VERY seriously and did great work! He turned the backhoe, scooped with it, moved the dirt to the "overage" pile, and more! And although the operator was in there with him, he let Griffin do the work alone after about 2 minutes of guided instruction! How cool! Every boy's dream . . . to operate construction equipment! He can check that one off his bucket list! Wish i had been invited to try it!
A close-up check to make sure Molly thinks it looks deep enough!
More supervising!
The deep end almost finished!

And these friends even joined us in the fun of watching! Do you think the construction fellas felt like fish in a fish bowl with all of us staring at them while they worked? It was a truly enjoyable day!

We've been told 4-8 weeks and we should be able to swim. It might be finished before the snow even stops falling!! But we sure are looking forward to our summer!

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  1. Awsome, I am wondering what color Casper will be with all that red clay in the back yard. Years of fun and enjoyment ahead, we loved our pool all those years.