Friday, October 23, 2009

A Day of Fun!

I have 101 things to do. . . no about 475,649,837 things to do, BUT, i decided today to do something i WANTED to do, instead of something i NEEDED to do! SO, for months and months i've been talking about making a dress for Molly. I've also wanted to do something fun for Halloween, so I got crafty with a pumpkin! And, boy oh boy, it feels good to have done something for myself. I left work, laundry, house, volunteer stuff, etc., all undone, just so i could accomplish a couple fun things. See below for what i did today (of course, after i spent 1.75 hours at the kids' school doing PTA work)! Can you imagine what i'll be capable of this time next year when i'm NOT the PTA President any longer?
Project #1:
Project #2:

Yes! I MADE the dress! From the bolt of fabric at the store, all the way to this final product! It's been months and months since i've sewn anything fun! I still want to add a monogram or something at the top, but at least you can see the dress!

Project #3:

No, i didn't make this, but my friend Gina did borrow it from her friend for me, which means I have ALL THREE KIDS costumes for Halloween and halloween is still a week away! This is BIG for queen procrastinator!!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Absolutely love the pumpkin...very creative you are :)