Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To - Do - List

So, we all know that i am the PTA president at my kids' school. I know, C-R-A-Z-Y. And what's double crazy, is that this is my 2nd, yes, SECOND year doing it! WHY, you ask? I don't know. I really, really, really, really enjoy my local PTA friends and moms. The benefits are great when you know just about everything going on at the school, you are friends with the principal, you know most of the staff, the staff members know your kids (which can also be a negative), and well, the list goes on. There are drawbacks. . . i won't go into many of those in this post. What i will focus on is the many emails i get from State PTA wanting me to find someone to go to RANDOM meetings/workshops/etc that they are hosting. I will pose a question here: Do these people have nothing better to do on a Saturday????????

The Latest that i am just pondering. . .
Saturday, from 9:30 to noon, the State PTA office is hosting a "Parliamentarian Workshop." If you are interested, you can also take the "Parliamentarian Exam" while you are there!!!!! Seriously, WHO DOES THIS???? What does it mean to pass the parliamentarian exam??? Can you think of nothing better to put on your resume????? SO, my TO-DO LIST for today, is 20 things i could do in my house or with my family INSTEAD of attending the State PTA Parliamentarian Workshop on Saturday.

1 - Have breakfast with my kids.
2 - SERVE breakfast to someone else.
3 - Clean out the basement that was supposed to get cleaned out before this school year got underway.
4 - Go to the park with my family.
5 - Watch a little league game.
6 - COACH a little league game.
7 - Read to a kid.
8 - Bake with a kid.
9 - Take time to wax my eyebrows, instead of plucking them over and over, day after day, awaiting the time when i can actually get to the salon for an overhaul. Do something for yourself for once.
10 - Watch Saturday morning cartoons - seriously can't remember the last time i actually did this one.
11 - Clean the floors that haven't cleaned themselves while I've been sending about 300 emails all related to PTA.
12 - Clean the toilets, sinks, carpets, etc. . . .see #11.
13 - Vacuum out my car. OKAY - it will take a little more than vaccuming to get it presentable, but we can at least start with vaccuming if we're avoiding a parliamentarian workshop.
14 - Buy a celebrity gossip magazine and enjoy reading it and wishing your life could be so "trivial."
15 - Work the dugout at a little league game - seriously i do have to do this on Saturday . . .maybe the workshop would be a better option than this one.
16 - Grocery shop.
17 - Dig up weeds, that used to be flowers, that used to look nice around my mailbox.
18 - Finish unpacking the halloween decoration boxes that were brought upstairs 1.5 weeks ago now.
19 - Plan meals for a week so we can avoid eating out on the days that i spend all afternoon doing PTA volunteer work instead of fixing something for dinner.
20 - Be a parliamentarian in my own home . . . don't siblings fight enough that we should all have to pass the parliamentarian exam just to be parents?? Oh, who am i kidding, it's much better to be a dictator in your own home than a parliamentarian!

Hope you enjoy your Saturday! I know how i WON'T be spending mine! What do you plan on doing?

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  1. I would like to see who would show up to that meeting and ask them why? PS: you are a great PTA President!