Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is what happens when you have your arms full, trying to hurry out of the house, wearing high heeled boots, and think you're at the bottom of the flight of steps and you're really not . . . A grade 2 sprain, air cast, crutches, icing 20 on, 20 off, anti-inflammatory meds, and doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! For those of you that know me, i'm NOT good at doing nothing! Notice that nothing starts with NOT!!! UGH! One day down. Instructions were to use the crutches for at least 2 days while the swelling goes down. By the end of the week, i should be able to start easing into putting pressure back on it.

Notice the large lump on the right side!! OUCH! As the nurse showed me how to put the air cast on we were chatting and i said, "I'm just glad it's not broken." Nurse replied, "Sometimes it's much easier if it is!" Ummmm, was that supposed to make me feel better? Because it didn't! At least it's not black and blue. . . wondering if that is yet to be seen, or if it will feel worse than it looks!? Need a pedicure . . . please don't comment about how ugly my toes are right now. I was so embarassed at the doctor this morning when i had to take off my sock!

Oh well, will trudge along with my crutches and sitting a LOT. We're so thankful it's JUST an ankle. I hit the garage floor pretty hard, have a cut on my knee and elbow, but nothing else even hurts. Could have been much worse. I think the Lord was just telling me to slow down for a little bit!


  1. Heather, you poor thing! I am so sorry and will be praying for quick healing and also that you can ENJOY the rest. I know it is hard to do nothing - I hate to sit still too - but you are right when you said this may be the Lord's way of slowing you down. He has a good way of giving us wake up calls. :) We need to listen to him! So, take care of yourself and heed doctor orders. :) Let everyone take care of you for a while. :) Kaylyn

  2. No way! No way on the sprain and no way on you staying off of it. This is your opportunity to train Camden and Duncan to fetch things for you. Good luck. Call if you need me to run anything over for you :)