Friday, June 26, 2009

Anniversary Celebration!

If you know us really well, you know that Jeff and i are quite simple. We don't need fancy dinners to enjoy our anniversary, and we sure don't need long trips (at least not yet). So, instead of fancy-ness, we spent a day at the mall, seeing movies. We went to see The Proposal - with Sandra Bullock. A GREAT movie! I would recommend it highly!! And speaking of fancy trips, since seeing the movie and the scenery there, we'll be planning a trip to Alaska before. . . okay, honestly, once we retire, but i'd love to think it would happen sooner.
We also went to see The Hangover. Totally different theme from the first movie, but hilarious. I was asked before we went, if we liked "crude humor." You definitely have to like crude humor to enjoy this movie, but it was hilarious . . . and disgusting wrapped up into one!
After a day at the theater, we went to Third Coast Grille; Enjoyed some crab legs and fish! Then, we headed to Chateau Elan for the night! And, can i say here? If Chateau Elan ever decides to sell the beds they have in their hotel rooms, i will line up the night before to make sure i get one! That was the BEST night's sleep!! What a relaxing night! Thanks to Jeff for planning the whole thing!

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