Monday, June 8, 2009

Games 2 and 3 - Not so good!

Well, Grif's team played games 2 and 3 of our tournament on Sunday. Not so pretty. We found out AFTER we played the game 2 team, that they were a travel ball team that had been playing together for 3 years. Kind of an unfair advantage. They won 15 - 2. We were impressed that it wasn't a shut out.
Game 3 was not quite so bad, but our team had a hard time holding on to the ball. I give Griffin credit, the innings he played catcher, he caught and did great! The rest of the infielders had about 200000 errors. . . okay slight exageration. . . but close enough. We lost 7-3 I think was the score.
I have a few pictures . . .
On to the qualifier tournament . . . games start Saturday at 11:45. Lots of practices between now and then.

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