Monday, June 1, 2009

From the Principal . . .

Few people get to know the principal at their elementary school as well as the PTA president. We, at Duncan Creek, are very lucky that our principal is very gracious to us and a lot of fun (although she tries to persuade people into thinking she is "an old school marme"). She is alot of fun!

Here's the proof. . .
I had a meeting with her this morning to plan the fall fundraiser promotions. She whipped out a "thingy" from the "Boosterthon guy" sack of prizes from 2 years ago when the school did this same fundraiser. She made several funny comments, that i won't share here, because i would totally blow her cover as a serious old school marme. But, when the meeting was over, she very graciously told me to bring this home to Griffin . . . she OBVIOUSLY knows what the kid enjoys!!

Note please . . .this thing is STRETCHY. Looks like a little squishy ball when it's not over a child's head. NOTE: ALL 3 of my children have heads that measure in the 90th percentile for size . . . that means they are HUGE and Molly has approximately 10 pounds of hair on that head too!!! NOTE: It is a pain in the butt to get this thing stretched over their big noggins!! But tons of fun to see them running around with it on! :-)

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