Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13, 2009

June 13, 1998
Oh, the things i was doing this time 11 years ago! Hairdo's, fingernails, NOT talking to Jeff. I remember the excitement so clearly! It was a HOT June day. But beautiful! I'm still not sure why i planned a wedding for the month of June?? Ummm, maybe it was because i was such a conscientious employee (teacher at the time) and i wanted to not miss work...I think i vaguely remember that.
I do remember that i was sooooo excited to be marrying Jeff! And to this day, i am STILL excited that i DID marry him! What a wonderful gift to have him as a husband!
I love you, Jeff! HAPPY 11th ANNIVERSARY!
PS - Sure wish we had a trip to Grand Cayman planned, flying out tomorrow. You haven't planned any surprises have you?

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  1. Happy Anniversary, you too! i'm guessing maybe a (not so) surprise trip to the ballpark to watch Griff's game is on the agenda?