Friday, November 13, 2009

Daddy Daycare

I had to work today (not a typical workday for me) and Khaki was busy with Garden Club and Ms. Gina had to work her "real" job. SO, Jeff said he was perfectly able to juggle working from home and Camden. I reassured him there were friends i could call and trade favors, but he assured me he would manage it.
This is the picture he sent me mid-day. . .

Ummm, not sure i'll be available to work any more Fridays this year!

Enjoy the glorious weekend! Camden has already started enjoying his!


  1. HA! And I feel certain that is a piece of candy in his hand! ;D

  2. That is hilarious! I am surprised Jeff took this photo - was this a plea for you to come home?! :) Kaylyn

  3. Yes, Kaylyn. He sent the picture to my cell phone!! HA! I think it was a plea to NOT make him watch him and juggle work quite as often as i ask him to :-)