Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!

Once again, a little bit of time off from work and school, and i'm feeling creative again! I have been busting trying to find the time to learn/teach myself how to applique. So, tonight was the night. And, just in time for tomorrow morning! I logged on, purchased a design, and off i went to the workroom to try it out. This is my first shot. . . a little rough around the edges, but good enough for a one-day t-shirt!
Dear little Gracie, will get all of Camden's holiday hand-me-downs now! I'll take it to Florida on Dec 4th for Gracie to wear the next 2 years maybe!


  1. Very cute...hope you all had a great and filling :) Thanksgiving.

  2. Great shirt!!!!!!!!!!! lucky for my Gracie girl to inherit such cute T shirts. Also love Griffin's hair cut. I too am partial to short hair.
    love, Dee Dee