Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funny Feet!

Well, for those of you that love freaky pictures, i've finally taken some of my lovely injured foot/ankle! It is almost 11pm, and i worked today, and was at the ballpark all night tonight for Molly's game. So, i was probably on my leg a bit too much today and not icing it like i have been every other day. Here's what it looks like:

This picture really doesn't do the swelling justice, but if you look closely, you can see part of it. My right foot is truly "marshmallow man" quality swollen.
I admit, i've always had "wide" not pretty feet, but THIS is extreme! When one foot is twice as big as the other foot, you know something is wrong! I go back to the doctor on Friday! I can walk on my toes and the ball of my foot as of today. Still "tingling" when i put pressure on my heel. And quite frankly, there is a weird "itching" sensation right on that bone that pokes out on my ankle. You know that feeling when a "booboo" is scabbing over and the new skin is forming. . . THAT is what this feels like. But there is no broken skin, no booboo (on the outside). So, i'm not sure WHY it itches?? Could it be from the air cast and socks that rub against it all day? If so, why is it just that one single spot? Never anywhere else? Weird.
Anyhow, Jeff is hanging in there playing dad AND mr. mom! I can tell he's stressed and as if home isn't enough, work is hell this week. So he's trying his best to be patient and pick up as much slack as possible. I do admit, i have a lady that cleans my house, usually every 2 weeks, and today was her day to come over. THANK GOD, for Ms. Patty today! I NEEDED a little sparkle around the house!
Off to bed i go. Going to leave the ice on the ankle until i fall asleep and/or can't take it any longer. Still medicating with the anti-inflammatory rx too!


  1. It looks awful and painful :( Sending you well wishes. I am pretty sure I am going to be Atlanta the last week of January for work meeting. I will probably tack a day or two onto the end to see you. It would be the weekend of the 29th.

  2. Alex looked at the picture and said ewwww. Kaylans says...hope you get better soon.:)

  3. Hope your foot is better and you will have a good work week. Is Disney still on????? love to all, Dee Dee