Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tomboy or Tomgirl?

Our dinner conversation was about whether or not Molly (and a few friends) were tomboys. They like the great outdoors and playing and getting dirty, yet they also love dressup and makeup and girly things.
SO, as Camden carries a pink purse around the family room Molly asks, "Mom, do you think Camden is a tomgirl?"


  1. LOL...that is a great story! I would also like to comment how much Jeff has grown over the years. I remember days that he worried about G playing with the girls' dolls. So a purse carrying 1 year old an no screams from Jeff...I am proud. Please tell him so.
    tell Molly that because she has brothers, she has the best of both worlds...outdoors and boy stuff and can be an amazing beautiful lovely lady :)

    Give her hugs and kisses from me.

  2. Oh Michelle, he has watched me share lipstick with Camden and not even cringed this time around. Poor Camden, will definitely be in touch with his feminine side!

  3. Maybe so, but the boy sure knows how to spit & laughs when he farts:)