Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today, Jeff turns 35! We are so blessed to have him as the husband and daddy in our house! He's by far, the BEST man we know! We love you and hope you have a VERY Happy Birthday, Jeff!
Molly and I made this very special cake for him. . .
Mississippi Mud Cake! Don't you wish you were part of the family that gets to enjoy this? It's still warm and i'm VERY tempted to cut it right now to make sure it's edible. . . this is a first-time recipe.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Jeff! We love you, too... and are trying to figure out why we weren't invited for the cake! ;D (I'm just kidding!)

  2. Happy New Year and belated B-day for Jeff. These two weeks off flew by, fun times in between 4 doctor appts, two for Nana and 2 for Chip. One more for Nana on Wed. for the laser on her eye. I know you enjoyed the mts. Hey, that cake looks delicious!!!! xxoo Dee Dee