Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We are having FUN!

So sorry for no posts about Disney, but we left the card reader for the digital camera at home, so we can't dump the SD card every night! But, Papa took this picture yesterday. . .

If this doesn't say it all, i'm not sure what would! We went to Animal Kingdom yesterday. As our last ride, we told the kids, we could ride Kali River Rapids before we left (since we knew we'd be soaked). Camden is too little to ride, so he received the consolation prize of Mickey ice cream while the grandparents took turns riding/staying with him. As you can see, he was not disappointed in the prize!

We are having a wonderful time! All my guilt of missing school and work is now gone as this is worth every bit of it! The kids have been so good, have been very agreeable, and truly are enjoying themselves. Camden has yet to fuss, except for the 5 minute fit he pitched when Dumbo ended and he had to get off of the ride! It was hilarious and if i can figure out how to load videos from my camcorder when we get home, i will post it here!

Hope everyone reading is having a great week. Ours is quite "Magical!"

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  1. That is the best picture. Have Fun>>>>QQQQxxxxxx Dee Dee