Thursday, December 3, 2009

Late Night Creativity!

This is my latest late night creativity party creation . . .

I've fallen in love with appliques, and found they are so easy to do. I'm going to surprise Molly in the morning with this one! I'm sure she will love it. We'll be doing a couple days at Disney and i'm sure she'll beg to wear this one as soon as the sun goes down each afternoon! Should i embroider on the back. . . "Ask my mom how you can own this sweatshirt too?" Or maybe i should just take a bag full of them with me and sell them for cash only. Could be a quick way to make some spending money. You know the cheapest sweatshirt down there would cost at least $25 in the gift stores. . . i could sell mine for $19.95 and make a killin'! Too bad i don't have time to make a bunch before we leave. Tomorrow night's late-night party will be to make Camden a Mickey one!
Here's the close-up. And again . . .My kids will only be able to wear them for so long, i'll be passing them on in a year!

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