Monday, December 14, 2009

Story of the Night!

Camden is obsessed with gagging noises. He thinks it's so funny to pretend to burp. But, in his 2 years (almost) of living, he has never thrown up - except for his reflux issues as a baby. He has no idea what a stomach virus feels like. Tonight after dinner, we gave him a small bowl of ice cream and when he was finished, he was sitting so nicely entertaining himself with the bowl and spoon. Then, it progressed to gagging himself with the end of the spoon (he does this game regularly - in the car, in the stroller, etc - sticks his finger down his throat until he gags). He thought it was terribly funny, until . . . .
You guessed it, he threw up! All over his lap. And obviously, it didn't taste so good. Then he cried for himself, because no one else, namely Jeff and I, felt sorry for him. And then it moved to being grossed out. And repeating over and over, in his precious way, "eeeewwww, eeeeewwww, eeeeewwwww!" All the while scrunching his nose and pursing his lips!
He's in the tub now, getting cleaned up! Hoping he learned his lesson on the gag reflex thing! Perhaps he'll find a new way to be funny from now on!

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