Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After . . .

As i reflect on yesterday and what a special day Christmas always is, i am thankful for all we have! We have a precious new baby that is a delight and joy to all of us. We have a family who loves us deeply! We have a warm home, friends abundant, warm meals on our table every day, and jobs that pay the bills! But most importantly, we have a love for the Lord! The gift of Jesus that brings us together each year to celebrate that special day. A gracious Father that watches over us and continues to bless us each and every day!

As i watch the magic of Christmas unfold every year, i am amazed at the joy i feel at just watching my children. They enjoy the time with family like no other children i've seen. They loved every minute of the baking and cooking preparations this year. They begged for Khaki to spend the night on Christmas Eve and delighted in the answer of, "You bet." They were excited when the entire clan came outside to watch them on the new skate ramp. And they LOVE picking out presents for each and every person. If i say so myself, they are gracious givers.

Santa brought new bikes for Griffin and Molly, and a ride-on toy for Camden. Here's what i need to tell you though. . .He also brought Molly an American Girl doll. Her first. She loves it. If you know us well, you have either said it yourself, or heard someone else say it, "Heather, she looks just like you!" My mother has friends that we've known since i was Molly's age, and when they see pictures of my kids, they are amazed. They even comment on how they feel like they are looking at a picture of me! She is me, over and over again. A little scary, yes I must say i wasn't quite so sassy as a little girl, learned that at a later time in life :-) Anyhow, yesterday, i was filled with awe to watch her with this American Girl doll. I LOVED baby dolls as a child. . . .OK, to be completely honest, I still love them. That's probably why Molly has so many of them! But, to see her yesterday, the eyes, literally dancing, as she enjoyed playing with her new doll, who actually shares her name. . . it was like looking down from above and watching a piece of myself. I remember feeling that complete joy. Gratefulness for what i've been given. As an adult, i still feel it, but in such a different way. Molly played and played, for hours with that doll. More importantly she shared it with Gabi and Jalynn (Uncle B's girlfriend's daughters - that's hard to follow isn't it). But you know, to share something so special and so new, speaks miles to how sweet she really is.
I'll post a few pictures so you have a peek into our day. We had a great time with family and friends and as usual, i cried at the end of the day. I always cry . . . you all know that . . . but to see pure joy in my children's faces, brings complete happiness to my being! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. I hope you felt a twinge of the happiness i felt yesterday. I hope that as we go through the coming year, we can look at the pictures of yesterday and remember the warm fuzzy feeling and utter contentment we felt. I hope that we will not take the little things for granted!
Merry Christmas!

Camden with his loot!

Griffin opening his present from Mom and Dad.

Molly and Molly . . . the American Girl Doll.
(Notice that the hair is already ratty. This will cause me so much stress! I wanted the braids to stay in for several weeks! Ugh. Just one of my pet peeves. Babies and Barbies with messy hair!)

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