Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry (almost) Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and the excitement in our house is abundant!! We still have lots to do in the next 20 hours, but we'll get it done! I had to share a little from our morning - yes, it's been eventful - and it's only 9:47!
We have an Elf in our house! He visits every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this year, he came as a REAL being, thanks to Mimi (grandma). Every night he moves from place to place and quickly soars to the North Pole to report to Santa on the children's behavior! Every now and then, he brings a goodie back for the children and last night was no exception. He always leaves a note somewhere around the house . . .but check out where it was this morning!!!
And check out what he left . . . A movie for Griffin and Molly, and Elmo movie for Camden, and a bucket of popcorn!!

After all the Elfin excitement, it was time to shower and go grab the last couple of gifts we need! (Just shopping for Daddy's stocking)! But after getting out of the tub, we noticed this on Camden . . .
As if baby feet aren't cute enough! But when they are pruned from being in the tub so long and halfway blue from getting out of the tub and rolling around naked for a while, it's too much to not photograph and share with others!

Now - Check out the onesie that he's wearing today!!! This is the best. Found it on sale this week at Old Navy!

Look close at the penguin on the far right . . . in a word bubble it says, "wurd!" HA! Better run . . . we're off to shop!

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  1. I want a shirt like that! Do you think they come in mommy sizes? I am so impressed that you are posting EVERYDAY!