Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

Well, Molly ceases to amaze me with her ability to entertain friends and have a good time. I love to watch her play and socialize with friends. Today she invited a friend from school over to play - their first official playdate together. Well, once again . . . two peas in a pod. Either that, or Molly is just plain bossy and all these little girls that come over just do as she says, because they always seem to keep busy when they are here!!

Well, this time around the playdate started around 11:00. Beyond going to the staircase and checking on them once, i didn't hear from them until i went to get them for lunch at 12:30. They came downstairs to eat and were so funny to listen to - chatting about this and that, then the fun continued at the bar in the kitchen. Now, Molly can do some damage with a piece of paper, some scissors and crayons and markers. But, these two were hilarious. Making puzzles, needing boxes to store them in, and hurrying so they would still have time for a "party" before the playdate ended!

But, here they are, at the bar, with all the creativity flowing! THIS is the epitome of Molly and what she enjoys doing. She is a creator!! Likes to make and do. As i type this she is trying her darndest to talk her friend into going upstairs to have a party before the date ends!

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