Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF Well, it's a special day in our house! Happy Birthday, Jeff! What a terrific dad and husband we have in our house. Poor guy, was born 2 days after Christmas though. I guess it's not as bad as being born on Christmas day, but i always feel like he gets slighted! We are going to Pepperoni's (our favorite pizza joint) for a birthday celebration! He loves their pizza, so we're hoping he'll eat, eat, eat! Grif and Molly picked out a lovely cake at Publix (i would have baked, but we're leaving to go out of town in the morning - the kids and i are going to Florida to visit family - so no baking allowed today. Last minute errands and packing were all that we could handle. And really, who doesn't love a Publix cake?

Anyhow - Happy 34th Birthday Jeff! We love you!

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  1. Jeff we have the same birthday! I hope yours went as well as mine. I do feel a little cheated because of our closeness to christmas, and my brothers is the day after mine... so I am used to sharing!
    ashleigh britt