Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Molly's First Soccer Practice, EVER!!

Last night was Molly's first soccer practice!! There's a long story here. . . . She's always been a gymnastics girl, and we tried CHEERnastics in the fall. Well, it bombed. She hated it. We switched to tumbling, and still. . . she hated it. So, me being the good mom that i am, told her she HAD to finish out the session and then we could register next session for regular gym again. I told her if she didn't finish out the tumbling session, there would be no more gymnastics this year! Well, bite my butt . . . of course, the hard-headed child she is, she chose to skip the last two classes and forego ALL gymnastics for the rest of this year! Please remind me next time, to not threaten to take away something i think is really beneficial to her!

Well, this is how we resolved to play soccer. Molly needs to have an afterschool activity to participate in. She really wasn't keen on the idea of softball (probably because that would have been too easy to have all been at the SAME ball park all day on Saturdays instead of running around all of Gwinnett County trying to get from game to game). So, instead of following in Griffin's footsteps and playing teeball, she agreed to soccer.

Last night we headed to Rabbit Hill park in Dacula and although a little timid at the onset, within minutes, she was all smiles running around on the field. I really think she liked it! Much to our surprise!! And, keeping to my new year's resolution . . . i actually took my camera and snapped some pictures so we will be able to remember this day! Here she is . . .

GO MOLLY!!!! SHOOTING HER FIRST GOAL EVER!! (but you should know that in this league, the U5 group plays 3 on the field each half, no goalie, no referees!) ALL FUN!!

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