Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a Week!

Is it really only Wednesday night? This week is baseball uniform week and although it's GREAT because we have lots of business, it's also a tiring one. On top of that, preschool work yesterday, and i'm going to go in again tomorrow since my "partner in crime" i.e. job-share buddy, has a sick child! BUT, uniforms are almost done. I have several things to embroider for friends. Just put together some estimates on t-shirts, have also finalized the spreadsheet of items for the swimteam we do spiritwear for, AND spent an ENTIRE day on Monday (minus a few minutes here and there to entertain Camden) washing and folding laundry.

This week is also the "silent teacher auction" at the kids' school. I will be there tomorrow after i work to tally bids and select the winners. All easy work, just takes time! Thankfully, no plans for Friday, except to have the kids' pictures taken at 4:30. OH WAIT . . . That means i have to find outfits for everyone to wear! That will be my project tomorrow night!

No pictures to update here. I'll try to find something good to photograph. I've had a couple people ask for an update on Duncan! He's HUGE! There's my update! I can't believe how big he is getting. He has been going (WE have been going) to training classes every Wednesday night for 3 weeks. Tonight, no class, the instructor is taking a cruise, so we resume and hopefully "graduate" next week. The kids have to be able to make Duncan "twirl, spin, sit, down, and roll over" in order for us to actually graduate. Twirl - means spin to the right; Spin - to the left; sit - well, if you can't figure that out, i'm not even talking to you; Down - lay down, and ROLL OVER!! Yes, he really can do all these things!! It's quite fun. NOW, our biggest challenge that we need help overcoming is how to teach Duncan not to jump up on the high chair and STEAL food from Camden???? Any suggestions? Poor kid is tiny enough, he doesn't need any dog to help him eat his food.

Hope everyone out there in cyber world is doing great! Photos of something exciting i hope to come soon! Griffin starts baseball next week, Molly starts soccer a week from Saturday - there's bound to be some good video footage coming too!

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  1. I forgot about the auction! We will anxiously be awaiting our "winner's phone call!" :)