Monday, February 16, 2009


Molly came home from school today with the idea that she needed to sell something. She wanted to sell lemonade . . . none in the house, since it's February. She wanted to sell hot chocolate. . . nothing to keep it warm. So, she decided to sell posters. She handmade 3 posters and DEMANDED that someone take her outside and "set up shop" for her. So, Jeff was kind enough to oblige!

3 posters in hand and off she went. The lovely lady across the street was her first customer and truly made her day! And would you believe that Molly was selling posters for $1 each!?!? Well, as soon as Griffin heard that they were selling, he was her first employee!! Off he went to the sidewalk to join the sale! Along came the husband from across the street and he was customer #2! Another dollar added to the stack of money. Drive-home customer #3 . . . Ms. Mary stopped and bought poster #3. They had to make MORE posters!!!! Who would have thought?

Well, it was nearing 6 o'clock, and Molly was not a happy camper, to say the least, when we told her she had to come in. After a good 5 minutes of screaming in her room, she came down to hear the reasoning behind the day's sales coming to a close. It's getting cold, it's 6pm, and it's time for dinner and a quick clean-up. But, she understands now and knows she can have a sale another day. Do you think we can possibly talk MORE people into buying posters?

Here they are. . . hard a work. . . notice that Molly is the "shop owner" and Griffin is the employee, hard at work creating more items to sell.

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