Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Know You're Old When . . .

We went to the mall tonight to try to find a new pair of shoes for Griffin - which we didn't find. In the midst of trying to recover from the disappointment, we were sitting talking. While sitting on a "round about bench" (if you've been to the mall of GA you've see these outside of Belk), Jeff had apparently already noticed the teenagers sitting across from us. Just before we were about to stand up I looked over to see a boy and girl . . . i swear they couldn't have been 16 years old, and they were TOTALLY making out! Literally, the boy was licking the neck of the girl. Is that even considered making out? All Over Each Other! PDA!!! Worse than PDA. Groping.

Needless to say, i didn't want my 5 and 8 year old watching that. So, as soon as i turned around and could see it, i lost all my cool. Jeff was just waiting to see what i would do. That's why he hadn't said anything. He thought i would make it a point to our children about how this behavior was inappropriate. WRONG!!! I made it apparent to anyone between us and them. They were probably 15 feet away from us. Really, i'm not one to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but this was truly ridiculous. So, i looked straight at them and well, i wouldn't say shouted, but very loudly said, "GO HOME!" You could tell by the kissing that they heard it. Then were trying to decide whether it was directed towards them. When they finally pulled away from each other, they were amazed to see our entire family of 5 staring right at them. I asked them if they'd like me to call their mama's and tell their mama's what they were up to, and they were hesitant to even make eye contact with me. Good. My point was made clear. I then clearly stated that their behavior was inappropriate, especially for a mall, and then i decided i had said enough. My point was made. They walked away.

Now, here's my instructions to each of you, my friends. . . if you are to EVER see my children, any of the 3, participating in such antics, I hereby direct you to publicly humiliate them. Or better yet, call me and tell me of their antics, so that i can meet you wherever you are watching them, and let ME do the public humiliation.

I will say, i am quite amused by myself. A few years ago, i would have been appalled, but not said a word. Now that i'm in my 30's, no way. Can you imagine how scary i'll be by the time i reach 40? The entire conversation on our drive home from the mall consisted of how we expected better behavior from our children. I questioned them as to how they thought Ms. Renee would react if she "caught" one of them behaving in such a way at the mall. I asked them what they thought Mrs. Braun would do . . . that was HILARIOUS!!! Griffin thought that Mrs. Braun's reaction would be worse than even my reaction! How funny!! I love you, Mrs. Braun!! I love tough moms!!! You have definitely earned my kids' respect! Go girl! Now, i won't say who, but one mother was mentioned that she would just walk by and not say a word. . . . who could that be??? Needless to say, my kids won't be hanging out at that house very much when they are teenagers :-)

Anyhow, i suppose you know you're old when you finally are grossed out by disgusting PDA. Jeff says it's not that i'm old, it's just that i'm a respectful person that likes to behave in a tasteful manner. We all know he's just jealous that he doesn't get PDA like that!!! I do love you, honey.
And by the way . . . if i had been smart enough to take a picture with my cell phone of the PDA giants, i would have posted it here!

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  1. This is hysterical! I wear my "mean mom" badge proudly!! Doesn't it just amaze you what is considered okay by today's standards? You go girl!