Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahhhh, the end of school

I've made THE LIST. THE LIST of all the things that must happen between now and May 20th! YIKES!!!!! I've also hired THE BABYSITTER!! She will be my saving grace! SO THANKFUL FOR THE BABYSITTER!

Meetings, programs, elections, trophies,heat pressing, slideshows, gifts to embroider, more gifts ordered, t-shirt orders, baseball and soccer games, carnival, work, gifts to select, luncheon and picnic to host(on the same day) oh yea, don't forget the meeting that day, field days, pizza parties, cash & carry, graduation, well baby checkup, another luncheon to attend, mother's day, team parties. . . .

Believe me, THE LIST is in no specific order here & i'm sure not complete.
The last day of school is May 20th. I have vowed that May 21st will be STAY IN YOUR PJ DAY at the McCreary house. If you don't want to see me in my pj's, please don't come over on the 21st of May! I have not informed the Bigs about this plan as i'm sure they will want to have OTHER plans on their first day of summer vacation. The plans will be this . . . STAY IN YOUR PJ's . . . ALL DAY!!! If you'd like to rent a movie, so be it, but it will have to be pay-per-view. I am living for May 21st!!

Oh yea - Let me mention, i do LOVE my life, and my kids, and ALL my activities and projects. I just don't like how they ALL culminate between April 15th and May 20th!!
Not sure how often i'll be posting between now and May 2oth, so forgive me if you're here to find out what is happening with the Mc family. I WILL finish spring break journal, and i will post the end of the year, it might just have to wait though until PJ DAY!!!
Hope you all are enjoying the end of the school year too!

One up-to-the minute update for now . . .Camden has had croup ALL weekend, and he sounded worse today than when i took him to the doctor on Friday to get the steroids he needed. Say a little prayer that his little body will start to heal. My throat is sore tonight, so say a little prayer that the sore throat fairy visits and takes it away! I'd take time to make a pillow if i knew it was a sure-thing like the tooth fairy!

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