Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a glorious day! A wonderful celebration and beautiful, no . . . .absolutely gorgeous weather to help us enjoy the celebration. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as our family enjoyed ours! Happy Easter!

I promise i will catch up the blog very soon. We've had so much fun during spring break, i am very sad that it is over! We've been to Chattanooga, had friends spend the night, gone to Mayfield for ice cream, gone roller skating, gone to the American Girl store for a special purchase, visited a Japanese steakhouse, gone to the Atlanta History Center, eaten at an Atlanta favorite restaurant, completed all the steps in Sheep to Shawl, and lastly, spent a wonderful Easter day with family!

But until then, here's a little taste . . .A picture from my dad's camera . . . Camden at the "historic" Atlanta restaurant. Really, this restaurant doesn't have high chairs???? WHY did we go there?? I suppose because the food was incredible and the service was great, so we looked past the fact that Camden had to sit in a $15 booster seat, that was not strapped to anything, so he was wiggling all over the place. Finally, to save the meal, we gave him a plate full of ketchup to dip his array of choices in. . . notice the french fry in one hand and the green bean in the other. And YES, they have both been in the ketchup . . .multiple times!

He is soooooooooooooo proud of himself for getting his own plate and own ketchup, with very little supervision of what he did with the ketchup.

I am wondering how come the bib around his neck looks so clean??? These pictures must have been taken pretty early on. On a side note . . . I was embarassed to have to walk out of the restaurant. . . 4 times Camden reached over with his COVERED in ketchup hands, and wiped them on me. My right sleeve and entire torso of my shirt was total sludge from the ketchup wipes he had shared with me! You know you look bad when you are embarassed to walk in wal-mart. I'm sure anyone who noticed it was wondering what kind of SLOB i am??? I wish now that i had taken a picture of the shirt to post here too. And i'm wondering if we could sell these pictures to Heinz for some sort of advertisement??? Anyone know how to get in touch with Teresa Heinz-Kerry???

Happy Easter! Look for more fun from our spring break coming soon!

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