Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Fairy Came -

In my last post i mentioned how nice it would be if the "sore throat fairy" came and visited and took my sore throat away. . .
Well, i don't know about any fairies, but i do know the double-dose of zyrtec i took on Tuesday night had some effect on kicking the butt of my sore throat. YAHOO! No time for that right now.

Now Camden is another story - he's just been holding on to his yuckiness for too long. He sounds like a smoker now. The doctor called in an antibiotic since the steroid didn't give us a long-term fix. Usually my kids take the steroid an within 48 hours they are fine and dandy. This wasn't the case for sweet Camden. Might have something to do with the 3 trips to the ballfield over the weekend and not sleeping in his bed much during naptimes, BUT i'd like to just say that it was the croup not getting better and we needed an antibiotic. Then i can blame the germs, not myself. He can blame me years from now when i am helping him pay for therapy to deal with all his issues of being the 3rd baby!

Anyhow, we're trucking right along. As for the list, i've crossed off one set of 100 t-shirts, one slideshow, three embroidery orders, one meeting, and about 200 emails that needed to be sent. Oh yea, have crossed off one baseball game and one paying the babysitter too. Jeff is working on crossing off getting the yard mowed and the backyard landscaped, but. . . well. . . . truth be told, he was too busy helping me with all the above mentioned items to do that! So, we have weeds and needs-to-be-cut grass, and i'm sure the neighbors would like to file a complaint with the basically non-existent homeowner's association, but too bad. Jeff was president of one of those things one time, and we know how they really work ;-) It always pays to know the ins and outs of things!!

Off to catch up a little bit more. I've got some digitizing for projects to do and some emails to send and two orders to place. Camden is sleeping!! IN HIS BED! Maybe i should write that in the babybook??? "April 23: Mommy was at home and you were able to sleep in your bed for naptime!" That would look good in a few years, huh?

BUT, on top of all the good things being crossed off THE LIST . . .maybe i could add here that the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE today's weather! Tomorrow might even be HOT???? If only the embroidery machine were mobile and i could do my work outside. What's that you say??? Why don't YOU cut the grass since the weather is so nice??? Ummmm, wish i had a comeback, but all i can say is, "That AIN'T gonna happen!" We are quite the non-sex-biased family in our house . . . all chores are equal. I can bag up garbage, Jeff can iron, but grass??? NOPE ONLY MEN are allowed to cut grass! Women can work the leaf blower, the weed eater (although i don't think i ever have) but not the lawn mower - - - or at least not for the front yard -- have you seen our front yard??? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Enjoy your day!

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