Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friendly Fun

Last night the kids each had a friend over to spend the night and pass the time - part of our staycation for spring break. The two that came over are actually brother and sister, same age as Griffin and Molly! They all go to school and church together! GREAT friends who we have a LOT in common with! And boy, do these four know how to have fun.

I should have known when Griffin came to the pantry and said the boys needed "art supplies" that something was happening, as Griffin does NOT do art projects. But i just wrote it off that Coleman was being a good influence and encouraging Griffin to be artistic! HA HA HA HA HA!! Two boys, artistic . . . not gonna happen!

This is how they appeared about 5 minutes later . . .
Quite innocent, right? Well, Carolyn and Molly took one look at this and got ideas for themselves, and this is what happened while i cooked dinner, proof that kids will feed off each other and make matters MUCH worse all on their own . . . i will mention, that after the meager painting shown above, i did verify that they were all using WASHABLE crayola markers instead of NONwashable. For those of you not-knowing - washable will come off with baby wipes. NONwashable, do not!!

The Gang . . . Final Product



I will also note that after these pictures were taken and before we started UNfacepainting everyone, the girls did, in fact, add to what you see here. All 4 ended up having to take a bath and scrub with wash cloths because 25 babywipes each, just simply did not do the job.
BUT, another great way to pass the time . . . put on your bathing suits and shower and take a bath together. That's what the poor-folk who can't afford a pool just yet do!
All children were in bed by 9:45. Asleep by 11pm. I thought the boys might have to be separated as they just couldn't settle down, but hey, it's spring break, so who cares! This is what memories are made of!


  1. This is too funny!!!! :) Looks like they had a blast. These are memories you can look back on and always laugh. You just HAVE to otherwise we would lose our minds. :)

  2. Guess who came downstairs last night with warpaint all over his face? :)