Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You a "Pray-er?

I have so many wonderful things happening in my own life, but yet i am silenced and hushed by things going on around me!

I have found out that 3 people that are dear to my heart and so special to me, have all been diagnosed with cancer . . . all within two weeks of each other! My heart is filled with pain for them and what they are going through.

Two of the three are fellow "moms" that i know and admire, both diagnosed with breast cancer, both in their 30's. They are both showing strength and fierce bravery to fight the fight! But to know that they are only in their 30's. It truly makes you realize that this can happen to any of us!

The third is a dear friend of our family! He might as well be family as we spent many times together around the holidays! He has cancer of the stomach.

So i ask you to pray. . . For each of these people. Pray for them, for their families, for their doctors and for healing. I know that we can offer meals to those nearby, and to help with their kids, and to clean houses, and whatever else needs to be "done", but really prayer is the force that will carry these 3 through these next few months. And go get a mammogram!! Or at least let your doctor check your boobies for you!

Thanks for praying with me!

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