Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School '09!!

Today was the Bigs' first day of school . . . Molly is in 1st grade, Griffin is in 3rd! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? When did they get so big?? Check out these pictures and you'll see what i mean. . .

Molly up close, looking SO pretty in her first-day-of-school outfit. (It has practically killed her not to wear this outfit until now. . . we've had it since early July):
Griffin . . . note the collared shirt, because he probably won't wear it again this year, unless it's a Sunday church day! Also, please note the new tennis shoes. . . he INSISTED on getting Under Armour tennis shoes (i know, that's what's COOL, but have you seen the price??) Boy is quite the business man. . . talked Dad and i into giving him the money we would have spent on your "average" pair of tennis shoes and he paid for the rest himself! That's how bad he wanted them! Aren't they dapper??
Molly again . . . probably one of the prettiest pictures i have of her -

Griffin, up close . . .again, a pretty good picture. . . it's a REAL smile -
Feeling the sibling love??
And then there's sweet Camden that seemingly, looks excited that the other two are finally going back to school . . . (notice the mismatched pj's . . .half Christmas pj's, half old preschool t-shirt . . .it really stinks to be a 3rd child)!!!

But really? Apparently no one wanted to have their picture taken with Mom. . . look at the painful looks on their faces!! Maybe we'll skip this shot next year!
They should be home in about an hour and a half! I'm hoping they both had great days, because i've already informed you that they both have AWESOME teachers!

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  1. Awesome pictures....the girls don't start until the 24th, so a couple more weeks to get shopping done. The summer went too fast!