Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School. . . for Camden!

Today was the first day of Mother's Morning Out for Camden. Of course he cried when i left him, but it didn't last long! I peeked in his room twice and once he had a mouth stuffed with a paci and the 2nd time he was happy as a lark just flitting around being an 19 month old! Here are a few of the mandatory "first day of school" pictures. . . I think he might have known it was a big deal . . . check out the grin on his face!
I will add a sidenote: He was HAULING down the hallway one time, ahead of the rest of his class, and i heard one of my preschool teachers holler to Ms. Dana (his teacher) - "Hey, you better grab him, he knows exactly where he's going!" He was headed straight to my office to find me!
Khaki was kind enough to pick him up and when i finally arrived to pick him up from her house, he was thrilled to see me. Nothing quite like that baby face running to you at the end of a day! True love!


  1. What a QT!!!!!!

    As a side note... (third child) I think this is the first time I have EVER seen him wear shoes-crocs don't count! :D

  2. YES! These are the ONLY real shoes he has ever had! He had a pair of sandals, but didn't like them. Crocs it is, but they are BANNED from the MMO playground! Poor guy took his shoes off at 1pm and had marks on the tops of his feet the rest of the day!