Thursday, August 27, 2009

. . . .Really???

I have so much to blog about, but no time to blog. My one comment for today is this - as ESPN in on the television that is in front of me. Jeff was watching the little league world series, left the room and left the tv on when it was over. . . Now who is on??? Michael Vick!
What a crock of crap! I called it how many years ago??? Two?? Barely? I said, the day he was found guilty and sentenced, that he WOULD play ball again. I was disgusted at the THOUGHT then, but today, i am more disgusted. He is being interviewed right now. Not sure why it even caught my attention, but i happened to look up and saw his name across the bottom of the screen. I will say, i like sports, i love college football, i love major league baseball, but really, this is a crock of crap!!! That the NFL would allow this man to be paid to play this sport after what he did . . . a crock! DISGUSTING!

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