Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Field Day #2!

Monday (5.4.09) was Grif's field day and a bit more competitive than Molly :-) Born that way! But, to start with the bragging. . . Grif earned a 1st place ribbon in hurdles. . . who would've thought???
He was mad that the other 3 ribbons were 3rd places and 5th place, but hello???? A McCreary getting 1st place in hurdles??? WAY TO GO, Griffin!
I've got pictures . . .i know you miss the pictures . . . so do i. . . and when that May 21st date gets here, i promise i will download and add some, but it just can't happen now. -- see below --- i added pictures that i stole from Coleman's mom!!!
A little more info if you're interested in reading . . .
Field day was a rainy one, so it was ALL in the gym. NOISY. But still loads of fun. Mrs. Power's class has some really bright kids and some really athletic kids. Talk about getting the best of the best, because we also have a class full of parents that volunteer!! JACKPOT! But, if you know Mrs. Power, you know she deserves to have a class like this! She is THE BOMB! We love you, Ms. Power!

I totally stole these pictures from Coleman's mom because she is better at me when it comes to downloading pictures and hers just turned out better than mine!
As quoted from Andrea . . . "Partners in Crime". . .
Carnival update. . . it is OVER!! YAHOO!! And, really, it turned out to be a really fun day. CRAZY TIRING, but fun. AND, i managed to have a babysitter and get a dinner out with friends afterwards, so it doesn't get much better than that. But, side note, it does look like the carnival will have ended up on the positive side for making money instead of losing it or just breaking even, so we're all thankful for that. LOTS of hard work, but lots of fun in the end! That's why i do what i do!

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