Friday, May 1, 2009

Field Day!

Molly's field day was today . . . among about 100 other things. BUT, Jeff was there for the entire thing and she had a blast. She took 4th in the 50 yard dash, 4th in the 100 yard dash, and 5th in the sack race . . . after a fall. She loved it and had a ton of fun. Oh yea, did i mention there were only 5 kids competing in each race? :-) I LOVE my molly! She enjoyed every minute of it too and talked and talked about it tonight! She has the most perfect little spirit about her! She is truly a gift from God!
We also . . . shopped for PTA pizza parties, did carnival prep work, talked to 1000 people about carnival, checked out of school after field day and had lunch with friends, assembled silent auction gift baskets, moved/hauled a TON of stuff, molly went to a movie with a dear friend, attended Griffin's class play, but darn it, missed it so i could play hostess for the PTA pizza parties (but Jeff did see it), did more carnival prep, moved/hauled more stuff, set up tons of stuff, talked to 1000 more people about carnival, and made it home by 7:30pm. I have showered (and want to shower again because i was so hot and sweaty all day) and had a slice or two of pizza for dinner, and am taking some nyquil shortly so i can sleep through my stuffy nose, and will wake at 6:30 to be back at the school for more carnival by 7:50am.
If you haven't figured it out, although it was a very busy day, it was a good day! As i sit here thinking about it tonight, i could find a lot to complain about, but there are also some people i know out there going through a really rough time . . . about to lose a sister to cancer, so honestly, more than what i could complain about, i am thinking more about how THANKFUL i am to God for the gift of my life, my children, my incredible husband, my friends and all the people i will positively affect tomorrow by planning this event! I am so thankful for the many gifts i've been given. I know - to just wake each day and do these fun things is truly a gift from God! To be able to see my children enjoy each and every day is a gift! I hope you enjoy your gifts too!

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