Friday, May 1, 2009


The Carnival at Duncan Creek is Saturday. . . totally absorbed in pulling this off!!!! Hopefully i'll have lots of time to share all the fun (NOT) that we've been having. My poor kids have barely seen me this week! I keep promising that once Saturday is over, i will definitely have more time for THEM!
Anybody want some cotton candy??? Come to Duncan Creek on Saturday and i'll make some for you!!
It will be lots of fun. . . but also lots of WORK!
Enjoy your weekend!
OH - PS - one mom brag moment. . . Griffin played an AWESOME baseball game on Wednesday night. He caught for most of the game, and then when it was his turn in the outfield, he was doing his darndest to catch a pop-fly and it NAILED him in the chest! My boy doesn't usually cry much in crowds, but this one had him on his knees with the tears streaming!! Poor guy! He's fine now though.
PSS - Molly's field day is tomorrow morning . . . fun fun. She is most excited about the sack races! heehee I can't wait to take pictures of that!

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