Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Much To Tell . . .

It's Wednesday, only 5 more days of school left! What a relief! But so much is going on in our world.
The excitement in our house revolves around two things. . . the NEW workroom for the business is underway. The sheetrock is in and painted ---LIME green --- and is ready for light fixtures and fan and the floor to be painted. It is very exciting to think about having a pleasant place to work, not the dungeon as i have referred to the basement for the previous two years.
Excitement #2 is that we're about to have a beautiful backyard. We have waited 2 1/2 years to get this! Our backyard has been a hodge-podge of weeds and sprigs of grass and not so pretty. We have finished the new playground area, designated a spot for the trampoline, and have hired a hydroseeder to give us grass. The grass-man as i like to call him has been here all day tilling up the backyard. IT is DIRT waiting to be seeded. He will be back to spray/plant the grass tomorrow. We have a pallet of sod coming as well to provide a "path" to the trampoline and the playground until the new grass grows. I am so excited that we will have a pleasant place to play and a beautiful scene to look out on from the deck. FINALLY! I'll take pictures and post . . . just as soon as school is over.
In the meantime. . . things that have been happening. . . Carnival closeout, teacher appreciation . . . 5 days of it to be exact (and who knew that PTA was so involved in that??), end of the year meeting plans and gift plans, teacher gift orders out the WAZOOOOO, trophy orders, t-shirt orders, more teacher gift orders, friends begging to do more teacher gifts for them, and of course, the end of the year slideshows for preschool, graduations, luncheon for teachers and end of year meeting for PTA. A LOT to have going on. But it is all seemingly, running smoothly. I'm sure i'm going to drop one of the juggling balls and come crashing down, but it seems to be running smoothly. I'm scared about how calm i am that all this is going on. Weird to feel this way. But, like i said, 5 days left! That is SO do-able.
Now, to tell the whole truth. . . i did have to ask the lady that cleans for me to NOT come this week. You know how, if you've ever had a cleaning lady, you have to clean-up the house before the cleaner can come. Well, if you could see my bedroom, you would know that it was
WAY too messy to even think about a 5 minute clean up. Ugh. BUT, Ms Patty agreed to come NEXT Friday - the day my company arrives for memorial day weekend, instead! How much do i love her???? What a lifesaver. I can live with dirty for 5 more days.
Little Camden has been a bundle of fun through all the craziness these past few weeks. He had his 15 month checkup on Monday. . . got two shots, and had grown a ton. He is still in the 25% for weight, 50% for height, and 90% for head size . . . ummmm, lots of brains or big ego???? Hopefully just a little of each :-)
Hope all of you are surviving the fun of these last few days or weeks of school. I am so ready for summer! What a change it will be to not have to rush to get dressed every morning!

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